Totem Guru

Totem Guru

Client Version: 3.3.5


TotemGuru is designed to allow you to see all the totems dropped by the shammy’s in a raid. The idea being to see immediately if any totems are missing (i.e. everyone has dropped the same totems meaning that buffs are missing) and also to make the totems more visible as it can be hard to see the totems with 25 people stood on them).


Show Totems dropped by Raid/Party/All Shammy’s.
Re-ordering of player list
Manual Refresh(clear all) of totems/chars
Tooltips identifying the Totems in the window
Cooldown timers on totems (added in V0.9b)
Warning icons for missing totems
Buff detection (still in development)
Auto Show hide for raids (i.e. hides when not in an instance)

Known Issues

Youtube videos

So far there is only one video up showing the range checking in action. This can be found at TotemGuru range checking

About the Author

I currently play a raiding Resto Shammy, pre LK I played a Raiding rogue. This is my first addon so please be gentle with your comments as I’m still learning the ins and outs of the lua language 😛

Slash Commands

/tg – shows/hides the addon
/totemguru- shows/hides the addon

Future Version update Ideas(Ideas as in they may not make it in to the addon)

Show when a totem matches an existing Pally buff/another shammy’s totem.
Highlight/colour totems when stacking or non stacking (i.e. green for a stacking totem)
Add ability to recast last totem by clicking on the icon slot