Client Version: 1.12


The goal of ShaguTweaks is to be non-intrusive to the default
appearance, but also giving the user the choice to change additional
settings if desired. The pre-selected defaults of ShaguTweaks only add
those quality of life changes to the game, that are preserving the look
and feel of the original interface. It’s up to everyones own preferences
to enable more or even disable some more.

All tweaks are made to the default interface and might not take
effect if you already replaced some of the elements with other addons.

All addon settings can be controlled in game via the “Advanced Options” button on the Main Menu (Esc).
Every of the listed features below, can be completely disabled in that menu in case you don’t like it.

GitHub / Issue Tracker:


Installation (Vanilla, 1.12)

  1. Download Latest Version
  2. Unpack the Zip file
  3. Rename the folder “ShaguTweaks-master” to “ShaguTweaks”
  4. Copy “ShaguTweaks” into Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns
  5. Restart Wow


  • Auto DismountAutomatically dismounts whenever a spell is casted.
  • Auto StanceAutomatically switch to the required warrior or druid stance on spell cast.
  • Blue Shaman Class ColorsChanges the class color code of shamans to blue, as known from TBC+.
  • Chat HyperlinksCopy website URLs from the chat, transforms CLINKs into real items and handles quest links.
  • Chat TweaksAllows to scroll using the mouse wheel, enables sticky chat channels and repeats message on arrow up.
  • Darkened UITurns the entire interface into darker colors.
  • Equip CompareShows currently equipped items on tooltips while the shift key is pressed.
  • Real Health NumbersEstimates health numbers, and shows numbers on player, pet and target unit frames.
  • Item Rarity BordersShow item rarity as the border color on bags, bank, character and inspect frames.
  • Tooltip DetailsDisplay health, class color, guild name, guild rank and current target on unit tooltips.
  • MiniMap ClockAdds a small 24h clock to the mini map.
  • MiniMap SquareDraw the mini map in a squared shape instead of a round one.
  • MiniMap TweaksHides unnecessary mini map buttons and allows to zoom using the mouse wheel.
  • Movable Unit FramesPlayer and Target unit frames can be moved while <Shift> and <Ctrl> are pressed together.
  • Nameplate Class ColorsChanges the nameplate health bar color to the class color.
  • Nameplate ScaleMakes all nameplates honor the UI-Scale setting.
  • Sell JunkAdds a “Sell Junk” button to every merchant window, that sells all grey items.
  • Social ColorsShow class colors in Who, Guild, Friends and Chat.
  • Enemy CastbarsShows an enemy castbar on target unit frame.
  • Debuff TimerShow debuff durations on the target unit frame.
  • Unit Frame Class ColorsAdds class colors to the player, target and party unit frames.
  • Vendor ValuesShows the vendor sell values on all item tooltips.
  • WorldMap CoordinatesAdds coordinates to the bottom of the World Map.
  • WorldMap WindowTurns the world map into a movable window. The map can be scaled with <Ctrl> + Mousewheel.
  • Hide ErrorsHides and ignores all Lua errors produced by broken addons.