Missing Trade Skills List

Missing Trade Skills List

Client Version: 1.12


Missing Trade Skills List

Addon For World Of Warcraft v1.12
Shows the missing recipes/skills for a tradeskill and where to get them

Download [latest release]


Known Bugs

12: Not all trainer skills have the correct minimum skill required or price
13: When a skill has multiple sources, the secundary source is not always shown correctly

Resolved Bugs

1: List of missing skills does not update automaticaly when you learn a new skill
2: LuaError on scrollbar when swapping to new tradeskill window
3: Text in MissingSkillsList is not justified to left
4: Price info on FirstAid Skills is not correct for some skills
5: Selected MissingSkill is not visible colored in list
6: Update Event not always triggered when learning a new skill
9: Show all multiple types of sources for a missing skill, only 1 now
10: Selected skill is gone when scrolling
11: When using mousewheel over addon, still zooms in & out in the world, except when over listframe

Version History

v0.90: Major overhaul UI (split is now vertical instead of horizontal)
          Added all skills including enchanting
          Fixed bug 7, 8, 11
v0.23: Added all skills for professions but Enchanting
v0.22: Added 50 tailoring skills
v0.21: Added all mining skills
v0.20: Refactored lua files and data structure, fixed bug 9, 10
v0.16: Added all missing cooking recipes, changed data structure
v0.15: Added 30 missing cooking recipes, changed structure NPCs
v0.14: Fixed bug 4, started cooking support
v0.13: Fixed bug 5, removed crafting for now, added first bracket 1-75 as skilllevel
v0.12: Fixed bugs 3,6 and started support for craft skills (enchanting)
v0.11: Fixed bugs 1, 2
v0.10: Works for First Aid

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