Client Version: 1.12


KTM 17.35, version from DuduSandsten. KLHThreatMeter monitors and records your threat, and will list your threat in a table with other members of your party or raid group who are using the mod. Most class talents, abilities, and items that cause or modify threat are taken into account. There is a table for your personal threat contribution, broken into specific categories such as white damage, healing, mana gain, etc, and specific abilities such as Sunder Armor and Taunt. The mod records your own threat and sends updates into a shared channel. Other players in your raid who are also using the mod will pick up the messages and see you in their raid threat window.



  1. Close any instance of WoW
  2. Download KTM 17.35 Zip file
  3. Extract the zip file wherever you want
  4. Copy the folders “KLHPerformanceMonitor” & “KLHThreatMeter” to Wow_Folder\Interface\AddOns
  5. This is what you should have on character selection screen :

Documentation & Tips

The following files in folder “KLHThreatMeter\Readme” have some random tips and documentation :

  • Advanced Raid Commands.txt : raid officers / leaders should read this
  • Localisation Notes.txt : explanation of the localisation implementation
  • Development – My To Do List.txt : stuff im working on, or about to work on
  • How You Can Help!.txt : adding new items / abilities / bosses to the mod.
  • Implementation Notes.txt : description of how the code works for addon authors
  • Commands

    • /ktm List of useful commands
    • /ktm version query Check versions
    • /ktm version notify Notify people with older version
    • /ktm mastertarget Sets the master target

    The Download link was recently changed to the Git-Repo for this addon Here

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5 years ago

This addon doesnt seem to work with lights hope server.

4 years ago

That’s because this isn’t an addon for Classic. It’s an addon for 1.12.1 Vanilla.

phuk yu
phuk yu
4 years ago

POS if no one else is using it total trash