Client Version: 1.12


FonzSummon is a simple addon for the vanilla World of Warcraft 1.12 client to acknowledge receiving a Warlock summon. As a bonus, it can also send messages to summoned targets if you are a Warlock yourself. It has a minimap button and Fubar support.

Slash Commands

Usage: /fsm {Enable | Received | ReceivedChan | ReceivedMsg | Summoner | SummonerChan | SummonerMsg | Whisper | WhisperMsg}

Enable: [On] Toggles whether to output messages
Received: [On] Toggle received message
ReceivedChan: [GROUP] Chat channel: SAY, PARTY, RAID, GROUP, WHISPER or a channel number
ReceivedMsg: [Received summon. Thank you {summoner}] Sets the summon received message
Summoner: [On] Toggle warlock chat message
SummonerChan: [GROUP] Chat channel: SAY, PARTY, RAID, GROUP or a channel number
SummonerMsg: [Click to summon {target} to {zone}. Do not move when you click. [{shards} shards left]] Sets the warlock summon message
Whisper: [On] Toggle warlock whisper message
WhisperMsg: [Summoning you to {zone}] Sets the warlock whisper message