FonzAppraiser is an addon for the vanilla World of Warcraft 1.12 client to track the value of personal loot.

Core Features
Loot is tracked in manually started and stopped sessions.
Sessions display timer duration and are zone-aware.
All loot and money that is personal or shared in groups is tracked.
Loot from corpses and ground loot from gathering nodes is tracked.
A quick access, global item quality filter is always available.
Loot is valued by a pricing system, with the vendor/merchant as default.
Pricing systems currently supported: vendor, “aux-addon”, and “Auctioneer” addons.
Quickly switch between pricing systems at any time.
A Target or goal for the current session value can be easily created.
When thresholds for item value, money received or Target are met Notices can be sent.
Notify methods for these Notices currently support: system (local) chat, sound, whisper, channel, group and guild.
Keybinds supported: show main window, start new session, stop current session.


Slash Commands

/fa show – show the main window.
/fa start – start a new session (stops any previous session).
/fa stop – stop the current session.
/fa config – show the configuration window.
/fa help – show this help window.
/fa enable – toggle whether to show chat output for each loot.

/fa search <filters> – search all loots for items matching filters.
/fa purge – delete all sessions (warning: instant delete, no confirmation).
/fa maxsessions <number> – change maximum number of sessions (5 by default).
/fa pricing <string> – set the pricing system.