Client Version: 1.12


FeralFighter automates attacking in cat form and buffing for druids.

/ff catattack

General purpose cat form attack. Basically, ravage/TF or pounce from stealth, rake/claw to 5 points, then rip or FB.

/ff attackbehind

Same as above, but uses shred instead of rake/claw.

/ff autobuff

Buffs you, your target, and your party/raid with Omen of Clarity, Mark of the Wild, and Thorns where applicable.


Open the configuration window.

/ff bite

Will support cower management and early finisher. This command is used to spam shred and convert combo point in Ferocious Bite.

/ff rip

Same as above with Rip.

/ff nodot

This command will trigger the nodot option. In no_dot mode Rake and Rip won’t be used, except in the /ff Rip wich override this option.

/ff ttkef 1-9

Modify the Early Finisher value. Only for people who want to tweak to death the behavior of ff.
Base value is 6.

Key bindings are available to switch to each form. Hit cat form again to prowl (you can spam it, it won’t take you out of stealth. Hit bear form again to enrage.

Just a few hacks in a great Mod. Thx Srand for this.

Aghiri – druid on Arak-Arahm (EU) }}}

(Certain slash commands may not work in vanilla)

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