Action Mirroring Frame

Action Mirroring Frame

Client Version: 1.12



Addon for WoW 1.12 (vanilla)


Display a frame showing used actions.


Command line options (/amf, /actionmirroringframe):

Command Argument(s) Default Effect
usage display usage instructions
standby [true\|false] false disable/enable the mirroring frame for this session
show [true\|false] false show/hide the movable handle, the handle can be clicked to change overflow growth direction
timeout [\<seconds>] 1.00 activation duration
flashtime [\<seconds>] 0.20 activation hightlight duration
scale [\<coefficient>] 1.00 scale of the frame
overflow [\<num>] 2 number of extra mirrors
overflowTime [\<seconds>] 0.66 time withing the mirror will overflow
sticky [true\|false] true if true, active actions will now timeout (e.g. casting actions)
color cast\|click display color picking for:

  • *cast*: actions in progress
  • *click*: actions just used
cooldownTip [true\|false] show/hide cooldown time over mirrors
costTip [true\|false] show/hide missing mana/rage/energy over mirrors
cooldownTipThreshold [<seconds>] 1.5 set the minimum duration of the cooldown for the cooldown tip to be shown

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