Levels 58-59

58-58 Eastern Plaguelands

  1. Run up the west coast to (67, 4) and accept the 3 quests “Demon Dogs” “Blood Tinged Skies” and “Carrion Grubbage”
  2. These are annoying quests that can take a while. Anytime from now until these are done, kill any plaguehound runts, carrion worms, or plaguebats.
  3. From here on down to the bigger area, kill any dogs, worms, and bats. Focus on them while you head to the next step
  4. Keep killing the dogs and bats and head over to the skeleton at (28,74) open it and grab the insignia for “The Eastern Plagues” then run up a bit further to the next skeleton at (27,74) and grab the insignia, it’s practically right in front of him and you will also get the blightcaller found complete message. Now go down near the road to (28,79) and loot the last insignia off the skeleton
  5. Focus on the dogs and bats while you head to Darrowshire at (36,90) in the broken down house. Turn in “Sister Pamela” accept “Pamela’s Doll” then head towards the houses here, in any of the houses can be any of the 3 doll parts. They are random. Ghosts spawn when you get near the parts so be aware. Once you have all 3 parts combine them and go back to (36,90) and turn in “Pamela’s Doll” accept “Auntie Marlene” and “Uncle Carlin”
  6. Look on your map at (48,76) This lines up with that middle ridge mountain. Don’t go past this spot east until you have your plaguehound runt kills for “Demon Dogs” and plaguebats for “Blood Tinged Skies” because there is none past that point.
  7. Don’t forget to kill the grubs along the way too for “Carrion Grubbage”, they’re not as important
    because they’re all over.
  8. Kill Plaguehounds for “Demon Dogs” all around (56,57) this is north of the scar and south of blackwood
    lake. Don’t forget the grubs
  9. Kill Frenzied Plaguehounds for “Demon Dogs” all around (61,41) this is north of blackwood lake but
    now west of it.
  10. Head to lights hope chapel at (81,58) if you still need grub meat for “Carrion Grubbage”, then kill them
  11. Get the FP
  12. Turn in “Uncle Carlin” accept “Defenders of Darrowshire”
  13. Turn around and turn in “Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff”
  14. Run SW to (79,63) and accept “Zaeldarr the Outcast”
  15. Fly back to WPL
  16. In front of the house turn in “The Eastern Plagues” accept “The Blightcaller Cometh”
  17. If you’re within 6,600 to level then Hearth to IF and fly to SW, if not then grind until you’re within range.
  18. Go to (78,18) in the keep and turn in “The Blightcaller Cometh” now I SKIP the next part but it’s a good
    quest to do at 60
  19. Go get new skills
  20. Fly back to WPL

58-58 Western Plaguelands

  1. Go NE to the house at (49,78) and go upstairs. Turn in “Auntie Marlene” accept “A Strange Historian”
  2. Just north of the house at (49,76) you’ll see an off color gravestone. Loot it and get the wedding ring for “A Strange Historian”
  3. Go in the west entrance to Andorhal at (39,71) and you should see the only full building, looks like an Inn at (39,68). Go upstairs and turn in “A Strange Historian” accept “The Annals of Darrowshire” also accept “A Matter of Time”
  4. Now look all around the city here for busted up silo’s with a blue light coming out of them. Use the silo horn to summon the worms, it spawns 1-3 mobs for “A Matter of Time”. Once you kill the last one they have a tendency to spawn another. They’re more on the East side of town.
  5. Go to the Town Hall near all the mobs in the middle of town, you can sneak in from the SW side. Grab the books on the floor until you get the “The Annals of Darrowshire” Some will spawn mobs.
  6. Go back to the Inn at (39,68) and to the top floor, turn in “A Matter of Time” accept “Counting Out Time” also turn in “The Annals of Darrowshire” accept “Brother Carlin”
  7. Go outside and look around the busted houses for little metal lunchboxes for “Counting Out Time”
  8. Go back to the Inn at (39,68) and turn in “Counting Out Time” you can now repeat this quest for a dampener.

58-58 Eastern Plaguelands

  1. Run out of here and into EPL up to the NW at (7,43) and turn in the 3 quests “Demon Dogs”, “Blood Tinged Skies” and “Carrion Grubbage” accept “Redemption” then listen to him and turn it back in. Then accept “Of Forgotten Memories”
  2. Go to the Undercroft at (28,86) and run behind it. Touch the dirt pile to summon Mercutio and 3 guards. Easiest way to do this is to kite him away from his buddies or get a group. Loot his body for the hammer for “Of Forgotten Memories”
  3. Now go to the bottom of the crypt and kill the very big troll for “Zaeldarr the Outcast” Only grab the scroll on the floor if you want Go back to (7,43) and turn in “Of Forgotten Memories” accept “Of Lost Honor”
  4. Either Run to Light’s Hope Chapel or back to Chillwind and fly there
  5. Turn in “Brother Carlin” accept “Villains of Darrowshire”
  6. Go down to (79,63) and turn in “Zaeldarr the Outcast”
  7. Go down just North of Corin’s Crossing to (53,65) and grab the sword for “Villains of Darrowshire” It’s down in the scar. Don’t forget to do some of “Defenders of Darrowshire” at Corin’s Just get what you can
  8. Go north to Blackwood Lake at (51,49) and grab the skull under the water for “Villains of Darrowshire”
  9. Go NE to around (65,41) and kill the zombies for part of “Defenders of Darrowshire” there are quite a lot here you could probably finish
  10. Go to the lake at (71,33) and grab the flag next to the cage, it’s hard to see and is laying flat for “Of Lost Honor”
  11. Go NW to the tower at (56,24) and turn in “Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril” SKIP the next part
  12. Run West to (45,34) and loot the termite mounds here for “A Plague Upon Thee pt.1” until you get 100 termites, also kill ghouls to finish up“Defenders of Darrowshire”
  13. Run to Lights Hope Chapel now and in the tent turn in “Defenders of Darrowshire” and “Villains of Darrowshire”
  14. Fly to WPL
  15. Next to the house turn in “A Plague Upon Thee pt.1” accept “A Plague Upon Thee pt.2”

58-59 Western Plaguelands

  1. Run up to (51, 28) and accept “Unfinished Business pt.1”
  2. Start heading back SW around (47, 32) and clear your way into the mill. Right click the box and place the termintes, then click the barrel and turn in “A Plague Upon Thee pt.2” accept “A Plague Upon Thee pt.3”
  3. Go just south of (49, 42) and kill 2 knights and mages for “Unfinished Business pt.1” then (51, 43) for the hunters and medics
  4. Go to (51, 28) and turn in “Unfinished Business pt.1” accept “Unfinished Business pt.2”
  5. Go to (57, 36) and kill Huntsman Radly for “Unfinished Business pt.2” then north to the tower at (55, 23) and kill Cavalier Durgen at the top
  6. Go straight out of the tower over the mountains to (51, 28) and turn in “Unfinished Business pt.2” doing the 3rd part “Unfinished Business pt.3” is optional. Some classes can do it easier than others. You have to run north to hearthglen and run up into the big tower in the center of town at (45, 18) and look over the edge until it says complete.
  7. Run back straight south over the mountains to (51, 28) and turn in “Unfinished Business pt.3”
  8. Run into EPL and up to (7, 43) and turn in “Of Lost Honor” accept “Of Love and Family pt.1”
  9. Go back to WPL and run/swim to the island Scholo is on at (65, 75) and turn in “Of Love and Family pt.1” SKIP the rest until you do strat
  10. Go back to Chillwind Camp at (43, 84) and turn in “A Plague Upon Thee pt.3”
  11. Now you want to do 2 things here. Get friendly with Argent Dawn and get 8-8.5k from leveling. You can do “Alas, Andorhal” if you can find a group, it’s not that hard but can take 5-10 people. This will give you an easy 8300 xp instead of grinding.
  12. Now you want to go up to andorhal and just grind until you’re friendly, once you’re friendly go back to Chillwind Camp and turn in all your scourge tokens. This allows you to buy mana biscuits which restore mana and health and more than food can. If you still need to level then go grind on mobs in andorhal again until you’re 8-8.5k from 59
  13. Once you’re 8k-8.5k from leveling, fly to Hinterlands and run all the way NE to the waterfall at (80, 46) and jump off. Under the water loot the chest and finish “Cortello’s Riddle pt.3” I bet you thought I forgot about it
  14. Hearth to IF
  15. Go to the throne room at (43, 52) and accept “An Earnest Proposition” (pick your class from the list) You have to have your classes tier 0 bracers in order to do this quest. You can buy it on AH
  16. Fly to Menethil and boat to Auberdine, fly to Darnassus
  17. Go to (35, 8) on the 2nd floor and turn in “Glyphed Oaken Branch”
  18. You should be 59, fly to Winterspring

59-60 Winterspring

  1. On your left after entering turn in “Are We There, Yeti? pt.3”
  2. Near the back are 2 horde, accept “Luck Be With You”
  3. Turn around and turn in “Felnok Steelspring” accept “Chillwind Horns”
  4. Stable your pet
  5. Run north to frostsaber rock at (51, 15) and tame a Frostsaber Stalker for prowl and dash rank 3.
  6. Use the cat to do “An Earnest Proposition” just kill the sabers until you have 15 blood
  7. Go just SE of here around (55, 18) and kill the chimera’s for “Chillwind Horns”
  8. Once you got that done, tame a Winterspring Screecher for Claw rank 8
  9. Run to Starfall Village at (52, 30) and accept “Enraged Wildkin pt.1”
  10. Run back to everlook and get your cat back out
  11. Turn in “Chillwind Horns” SKIP the other unless you wanna go there
  12. Go south to (59, 59) and touch the crate and turn in “Enraged Wildkin pt.1” accept “Enraged Wildkin pt.2”
  13. Go back to the roat at (61, 60) and touch the wagon, turn in “Enraged Wildkin pt.2” accept “Enraged Wildkin pt.3” grab the box in the snow
  14. Run east again to (63, 59) and turn in “Find Ranshalla” accept “Guardians of the Altar”
  15. Now protect her while she does her thing. Make sure you get the feather off an owl for “Enraged Wildkin pt.3” When she stops in a cave, light the torch for her. If you don’t get the feather before you’re done keep killing until you got it.
  16. Go south to (62, 69) and loot the gems for “Luck Be With You” hunters and locks can use pet to distract mobs while u loot, other classes will have to group.
  17. Hearth to Everlook
  18. Turn in “Luck Be With You” at the 2 horde near the back of everlook
  19. You should be about 25% into 59 now.
  20. Accept “Cache of Mau’Ari” if you want to. This just gives you an item which allows the mobs here to drop stuff which you can turn in for buffs
  21. Go up to Starfall Village at (52, 30) and turn in “Enraged Wildkin pt.3”
  22. Run to (31, 45) and turn in “Mystery Goo” accept “Toxic Horrors”
  23. Run into Felwood and go to (48, 24) and kill toxic horrors for “Toxic Horrors” these also drop essence of waters
  24. Fly to Rut’theran Village and go to the house at (55, 92) and turn in “Guardians of the Altar” accept “Wildkin of Elune”
  25. Go in Darnassus and up to the top of the tower at (34, 8) and turn in “Wildkin of Elune”
  26. Fly back to Felwood
  27. Run back up into Winterspring and over to (31, 45) turn in “Toxic Horrors” accept “Winterfall Runners”
  28. Now to find the runners. They travel anywhere from the Timbermaw Cave east to (53, 34) then up around the mountains north of everlook over to Winterfall Village. If you didn’t see them from the cave to here, head east. You don’t have to kill all 3.