Levels 56-57

56-56 Tanaris

  1. Hearth to IF
  2. Go to the thrown room at (38, 55) and turn in “The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan pt.2”
  3. You should now be 56, get new skills
  4. Fly to Menethil and boat to Theramore
  5. Fly to Gadget
  6. Go to the NW side of town and scare sprinkle for “Are We There, Yeti? pt.3”
  7. Make gadget your home
  8. To the south of lost rigger cove at (70, 49) is a bunch of stones in a circle, Loot the stuff from the blue backpack and use the book to summon “Aquementas” He’s a level 54 water elemental pansy
  9. Hearth to gadget or die if it’s not up yet.
  10. Fly to Un’goro
  11. Find Quixxil and scare him for “Are We There, Yeti? pt.3”
  12. Go to the back of the cave and turn in “Aquementas” accept “Linken’s Adventure” and turn it in just outside the cave by the big tree SKIP the next part
  13. Fly to Silithus

56-56 Silithus

  1. Near the moonwell accept “The Twilight Mystery”
  2. In front of the Inn, turn in “Taking Back Silithus” accept “Securing the Supply Lines”
  3. SKIP the quest on the sign unless you get a group
  4. Make Cenarion Hold your home
  5. Upstairs accept “Deadly Desert Venom”
  6. There seems to be a lot of white ! because that’s a lot of AQ stuff you don’t have to worry about yet.
  7. Go do “Securing the Supply Lines” and “Deadly Desert Venom” North and NE of town all around (55, 24) the dredges, scorpids, and skitterers for these 2 quests are all over this area.
  8. Run up to (81, 18) and turn in “Wasteland” accept “The Spirits of Southwind”
  9. Run up NW to around 22.9 and pick up the twilight tablet fragments for “The Twilight Mystery” They litter this spot
  10. Hearth to Cenarion Hold
  11. Up stairs turn in “Deadly Desert Venom” accept “Noggle’s Last Hope”
  12. In front of the Inn, turn in “Securing the Supply Lines” accept “Stepping Up Security”
  13. Go next to the moonwell and turn in “The Twilight Mystery” accept “The Deserter”
  14. You should be about 30-35% into 56
  15. Go SE to (62, 53) and kill the undead guys here for “The Spirits of Southwind” becareful when they die they spawn 1-2 bugs
  16. Kill the pincers for “Noggle’s Last Hope” and drudges for “The Deserter” south of here around (56, 58)
  17. Go to the cave at (67, 69) and turn in “The Deserter” accept “The Twilight Lexicon”
  18. You can find flayers and stalkers outside of the cave for “Noggle’s Last Hope” they are also both around (43, 72) on the other side of the hive
  19. Hearth back to Cenarion Hold or die so you end up there
  20. Go upstairs and turn in for “Noggle’s Last Hope” accept “Noggle’s Lost Satchel”
  21. Outside the Inn, turn in “Stepping Up Security”
  22. Go to (29, 35) and kill Twilight Keeper Manya for “The Twilight Lexicon” she fears a bit. She’s at the SE corner of came
  23. Go to (41, 41) and kill Twilight Keeper Havanuth for “The Twilight Lexicon” he’s on the east side of camp, he has a nasty aoe
  24. Go all the way down south to the little camp at (42, 90) and go up the hill behind it, you’ll find Deathclasp, in the middle of the path on the wall is a pouch, grab it when deathclasp is in the back for “Noggle’s Lost Satchel”
  25. Head to the SW to (16, 87) and kill Twilight Keeper Exeter for “The Twilight Lexicon” he’s at the SW corner of camp
  26. Go back to the cave at (67, 69) and turn in “The Twilight Lexicon” accept “A Terrible Purpose” He also offers another quest for 10 twilight texts, this is more for cen circle rep later on
  27. Run up to (81, 18) and turn in “The Spirits of Southwind” accept “Hive in the Tower”
  28. Go to the top of the tower at (61, 52) Be careful 3 bugs spawn when you enter. Shift right click the pod because as soon as you open it some amushers spawn. Kill at least 1 and loot it for “Hive in the Tower”
  29. Go up to (81, 18) and turn in “Hive in the Tower” accept “Umber, Archivist”
  30. Hearth to Cenarion Hold
  31. Go upstairs and turn in “Noggle’s Lost Satchel”
  32. Go into the long building and turn in “A Terrible Purpose”
  33. Fly to Moonglade
  34. Go to (44, 35) and turn in “Umber, Archivist” accept “Uncovering Past Secrets”
  35. Run over to (51, 44) and turn in “Uncovering Past Secrets”
  36. You should now be 80-85% into leveling
  37. Fly to Auberdine and boat to Menethil then fly to IF
  38. Make IF your home, then find the wandering commander dwarf and accept “A Call To Arms: The Plaguelands!”
  39. Fly to Southshore
  40. Run north into Alterac Mountains and over NE to (80, 34) and run into Western Plaguelands (WPL)

56-57 Western Plaguelands

  1. Next to the shack accept “A Plague Upon Thee pt.1”
  2. Grab the FP
  3. Whenever you come back to camp here always check the vendor for the stormshroud pants recipe. It’s like 1.3g and you can easily sell it for 10 or 20g+ It’s a limited recipe that restocks 1 every hour.
  4. Go to the tent and turn in “A Call To Arms: The Plaguelands!”, accept “Clear The Way”