Levels 21-24

21-21 Darkshore

  1. Go west to (31, 83) and (31, 85) and accept “Beached Sea Turtle” at both
  2. Go back to (43, 76) and turn in “Return to Onu” accept “Mathystra Relics”
  3. Accept “The Sleeper Has Awakened” (escort) the sleeping bear behind Onu. Hotbar his horn because he falls asleep every minute or so. This quest will bring you into Ashenvale. Horn is in the box beside him. Note: since he follows you, with aspect of the cheetah on you can skip mobs by running down the road or taking the offroad.

21-22 Ashenvale

  1. Run to (26, 36) Maestra’s Post, and this will complete “The Sleeper Has Awakened” Go turn it in straight ahead in the house.
  2. Go to (26, 38) turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.3” accept “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.4”
  3. Accept “Bathran’s Hair”
  4. Kill mobs around 31,31in ruins of Ordil’Aran for “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.4” I then clear the camp a total of 4 times. If I find it early I still clear it 4 times total. I am then halfway to 22.
  5. Grab plant bundles for “Bathran’s Hair” at (31, 21) in Bathran’s Haunt
  6. Go back to Maestra’s Post at (26, 38) and turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.4” Accept “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.5”
  7. Turn in “Bathran’s Hair” accept “Orendil’s Cure”
  8. Go to (22, 51) turn in “Therylune’s Escape”
  9. Run into Astranaar at (33, 48) and get FP
  10. Accept “The Zoram Strand” right as you enter town
  11. Accept “On Guard in Stonetalon pt.1” on the house to the right.
  12. Cross the road near the gazebo accept “Journey to Stonetalon Peak”
  13. In the Inn accept “Raene’s Cleansing pt.1” and “Culling the Threat”
  14. Make Astranaar your home, then stable your pet
  15. Turn in “Orendil’s Cure” at the last house accept “Elune’s Tear”
  16. Go to The Zoram Strand. Stop at (14, 31) accept “The Ancient Statuette”
  17. Tame a Clattering Crawler lvl 20 to get Claw Rank 3 give it Growl 3
  18. Use it to do “The Zoram Strand” Naga all around here.
  19. And “The Ancient Statuette” at (14, 20) it’s on the ground.
  20. Turn in “The Ancient Statuette” at (14, 31) accept “Ruuzel”
  21. Do “Ruuzel” at (9, 15) You don’t actually have to kill Ruuzel. Kill Lady Vespia. A 22 weak elite and doesn’t have guards like Ruuzel
  22. Turn in “Ruuzel” at (14, 20)
  23. Turn in “Raene’s Cleansing pt.1” at (20, 42) accept “Raene’s Cleansing pt.2” Kill murlocs for the gem
  24. Hearth back to Astranaar
  25. Turn in “The Zoram Strand” right as you enter town accept “Pridewings of Stonetalon”
  26. Go to the Inn Turn in “Raene’s Cleansing pt.2” accept “Raene’s Cleansing pt.3” and “An Aggressive Defense”
  27. Get cat back out
  28. Grind to (46, 46) and grab “Elune’s Tear”
  29. Go to (49, 56) then grind north to (53, 46) turn in “Raene’s Cleansing pt.3” accept “Raene’s Cleansing pt.4”
  30. You should already be 22. Grind down to (50, 67) and get new Skills.
  31. Skip “Elemental Bracers” for now
  32. Then back north all around (55, 61) and do “An Aggressive Defense”
  33. Hearth to Astranaar
  34. Turn in “An Aggressive Defense”
  35. Go to the east exit house, turn in “Elune’s Tear” accept “The Ruins of Stardust”
  36. Exit Astranaar out the east exit follow the south path till you are at (33, 66) and grab stardust covered bushes for “The Ruins of Stardust”
  37. Grind east to Talondeep path at (42, 71)

22-23 Stonetalon Mountains

  1. Run down to the hut at (58, 62) accept “Super Reaper 6000”
  2. Then go to (59, 66) and turn in “On Guard in Stonetalon pt.1” accept “On Guard in Stonetalon pt.2”
  3. Turn it in right behind you accept “A Gnome’s Respite”
  4. Kill Loggers and Deforesters for “A Gnome’s Respite” and Operators for “Super Reaper 6000” all around Windshear Crag. Operators hang out around buildings only.
  5. Turn in “Super Reaper 6000” at the hut (58, 62) SKIP “Further Instructions” Unless you want to run to Ratchet.
  6. Then go to (59, 66) and turn in “A Gnome’s Respite” accept “An Old Colleague” and “A Scroll From Mauren” We’ll do these later.
  7. Stop at Mirkfallon Lake at (48, 40) and kill Pridewings for “Pridewings of Stonetalon” South and East of it.
  8. Run to (37, 8) turn in “Journey to Stonetalon Peak” SKIP “Reclaiming The Charred Vale” for now
  9. Grab FP at (36, 7) and Fly to Auberdine

23-24 Darkshore

  1. Turn in Both “Beached Sea Turtle” on the dock
  2. Make Auberdine your home
  3. Turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.2” just outside the merchant house accept “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.3”
  4. Go in the last house accept “A Lost Master”
  5. Fly to Darnassus and turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.3” outside the Temple of the Moon at (31, 84) accept “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.4” Get talents if you need them.
  6. Fly back to Auberdine.
  7. Go to around (58, 21) for “Mathystra Relics” The relics are all over
  8. Stop at (56, 13) accept “Gyromast’s Retrieval” Kill raging reef crawlers around here and Murlocs north near the ship at (55, 12)
  9. Run north of Ruins of Mathystra killing sire’s and matriach’s for “A Lost Master” Also kill Foreststriders for “Gyromast’s Retrieval”
  10. Turn in “Gyromast’s Retrieval” at (56, 13) accept “Gyromast’s Revenge”
  11. Turn the key on The First Mate at (55, 18) somewhere in the middle he’s gonna attack you. You have to kill him. Then turn it in at (56, 13)