MobHealth – Turtle WoW

MobHealth – Turtle WoW

Client Version: 1.12


For normal use you don’t need to do anything.
Hitting mob 1 time should be sufficient to display it’s HP (in target frame).
When you fight longer it becomes more accurate.

From version 2.5 it also workes for players
(but HP data is not saved between sessions for players
– it wouldn’t make sense)

MobHealth2 commands:
/mobhealth2 pos [position]
set position to [position]
(relative to target frame, default 22, you can also use negative numbers)
/mobhealth2 stablemax
updates Max mob HP less often (only in first battle with mob
and between battles)
/mobhealth2 unstablemax
always updates Max mob HP
/mobhealth2 reset all
clears whole database!
/mobhealth2 reset/del/delete/rem/remove/clear
clear data for current target

Rename file MobHealth_save_players.toc to MobHealth.toc if you wish to save player HP data between sessions.