LFT – Turtle WoW

LFT – Turtle WoW

Client Version: 1.12


This is Turtle WoW’s own Looking for Group Addon!

Important note: Remove -master when extracting into your interface/addons folder and fully restart your client after each update !

What it does NOT do

This addon will not teleport you and your group inside the dungeon.

Large Public Test Stage

If you encounter any lua errors or other addon problems please take a screenshot and send it to me (Xerron/Er) on Discord with a short explanation of what you were doing when you encountered the problem breaks your gameplay disable the addon until a new version comes out.


New Dungeons (v.

New dungeons:

  • The Crescent Grove 32-38
  • Karazhan Crypt 58-60
  • Caverns of Time: Black Morass 60
  • Stormwind Vault 60

No More Diplomats (v.

Removed Diplomat Check
Visible names of people in browse frame

Browseframeupdate (v.

Chat spam option
Role fixes

Browseframeupdate (v.

Browseframe update

Scrollframes and backgrounds (v.

Scrollframe upgrade
Misc fixes

HE/Gobo/Diplo (v.

Update for HighElves and Goblins
Update for new Glyph of Diplomacy

LFM Groups (v.

LFM groups will be visible in the Browse window with a crown icon and the number of members in the LFM group.

Multiple Role Queueing (v.

Now you can queue for a dungeon with multiple roles!

Dungeon Groups Browser (v.

Shows a list of available dungeons and how many people are queueing.


Todo: option to choose: fresh groups only / any groups.

Minimap Button

Brings up the main addon frame, allowing you to Look for a group or Look for more.

Queueing solo (maximum 5 dungeons at a time)


InQueue Minimap Tooltip

Once queued, you can check your queue status by hovering over the minimap icon.

Group Formed

When a group is found you will be prompted with this readycheck.
The button will become available once all 5 members of the group are in.

Ready Check

Clicking Let’s do this! on the ready check will show you the readycheck status of your group.

Dungeon Status

Once every member of your group is ready you will get a list of dungeon objectives, based on which dungeon your group decided to face.
Once all objectives are met, the dungeon is considered complete, and the window will close.
Note: objectives can be moved, collapsed, or closed.

Find More

As a leader of a group you can look for more members.
Note: the default 5man group role composition(only one tank, only one healer, no more than 3 dps) must be met in order to look for more. This is limited to one dungeon at a time.

Role Check

Once the leader clicks find more, a role check will be initiated and when the addon finds the missing roles you will be prompted with a Group Formed window.

Note: addon communications are made in LFT chat channel, don’t manually leave or check it in your main chat frame, its very spammy!

Known bugs

Addon textures don’t load or just load a white texture: type /run ReloadUI()
Chat channels order messed up: type /leave LFT (or any channel that’s not in his place) and relog

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Git: https://github.com/CosminPOP/LFT