Bigwigs – Turtle WoW

Bigwigs – Turtle WoW

Client Version: 1.12


BigWigs is a World of Warcraft AddOn to predict certain AI behaviour to improve the players performance.
This Modification is built for Patch 1.12.1 and its content for use on the Turtle WoW private Server.

How to install

Either clone the repository to your WoW/Interface/Addons folder, or download manually via github (click on Clone or Download -> Download ZIP. Do not forget to rename the directory to “BigWigs” afterwards.


If you would like to contribute, just open a pull request.

Language support

Currently, only english clients are supported. In general, the Addon can work with other languages, but this support is only provided on a best-effort basis. It is much effort to support those languages. Feel free to contribute if you would like to have support for other languages.


The adjustments were originally made by LYQ and Dorann
Adjustments for Elysium made by Hosq.
Adjustments for Turtle-WoW made by CosminPOP.