Bartender2 – Turtle WoW

Bartender2 – Turtle WoW

Client Version: 1.12


This is the final version of Bartender 2 released for Vanilla. Also included are extra modules that add both extremely useful functions and cosmetic changes.


Unzip into a temporary folder (not your addons folder) and then open that folder.
Select the Bartender2 folder and the folders for any of the modules you wish to use, copy these to your addons folder.
You can now delete the tempory folder.


I’d recommend FuBartender2, Pagemaster and Dreamlayout as a starting point.

  • FuBartender2 – the default way to configure Bartender is by typing a lot of tedious commands, this will add an icon to you minimap with a useful config menu. Unless you’re already using Niagra you’ll definitely want this.
  • Pagemaster – Atl, Shift, Ctrl paging on bar 1.
  • HunterBars – switches your main and melee bar when you get too close to an enemy.
  • Druid Bar – bar switching for druids when prowling.
  • Shadow Bar – priest’s shadow form switching.
  • BindingSwap – swaps the keybindings amongst the bars.

Cosmetic modules

  • Dreamlayout – the default buttons have the icon image all the way to the edge, this module adds a small border.
  • Circled – round buttons.

Things you almost certain don’t want

  • SpeedPad n52 – only included for the sake of completeness, it was aimed at people using the Belkin Nostromo N52 SpeedPad.