Bagnon – Turtle WoW

Bagnon – Turtle WoW

Client Version: 1.12


This is a group of addons so just removing the -master isn’t enough.


  1. Unzip to your desktop or another folder,
  2. open that folder and select all the folders inside it,
  3. Cut and paster those into your /interface/addons/ folder.
  4. Done!

Bagnon is a group of addons that improve the way the player manages his or her inventory.


  • Bagnon – Displays your inventory in a single frame.
  • Banknon – Displays your bank in a single frame.
  • Bagnon_Core – Required for Bagnon and Banknon, the core files for the frames.
  • Bagnon_Options – A load on demand options menu for Bagnon.
  • Bagnon_Forever – Optional, Lets you view your bank from anywhere or the inventory/bank of your other characters.


  • A single, customizable display for your inventory and one for your bank
  • Colorcoded item slots and borders:
  • Ammo and Soul Bag item slots are colored yellow
  • Profession bag slots are colored green
  • Keyring slots are colored orange
  • The borders for items are color coded based by their quality
  • View bank from anywhere (requires Bagnon_Forever)
  • View other characters’ inventory/bank (requires Bagnon_Forever)
  • Dynamically Loaded – Bagnon and Banknon only load when needed.
  • Modular Design – Can pick and choose which functionality is wanted.


Commands can start with either /bagnon or /bgn.

  • /bgn – Shows the options menu, if available.
  • /bgn bags – Toggle the display of Bagnon.
  • /bgn bank – Toggle the display of Banknon.
  • /bgn delete – Removes inventory data about the given player from Bagnon_Forever. Not specifying a realm will revert to the current realm.

Showing Bagnon/Banknon:

When enabled, Bagnon and Banknon should be fully intergrated into the UI. It is also possible to view the frames via the keybindings that can be set or the slash commands.

Moving Frames Around:

When unlocked, simply click and drag on the title portion of the frame (<Player’s> Bank|Inventory).

Hiding Specific Bags:

Shift-Click a bag within the frame to toggle the visibility of the items contained within that bag.


Right-click on the title portion of Bagnon or Banknon. A menu will pop up with a bunch of options for modifying the appearance of the frame.

Viewing other character’s data (requires Bagnon_Forever):

Click on the arrow button by Bagnon/Banknon’s title. A menu will pop up giving a list of characters Bagnon knows about. Click on one and Bagnon will display the contents of that character’s inventory/bank.


Double-click on the title of Bagnon/Banknon. A search dialogue will pop up.

Bagnon was created by Tuller