Modern TargetFrame (TBC)

Modern TargetFrame (TBC)

Client Version: 4.4.0


Modern TargetFrame adds features present in Modern WoW.

  • StatusBar text for health and mana bars. Formatting is still controlled by Status Text under Interface Options > Display.
  • Rare-Elites now show the Rare-Elite TargetFrame border. (Silver dragon with wings, normal rares are without wings)
  • Threat indicator with numerical value.



  • The game identifies many normal elites as rares. I don’t plan on modifying this behavior in any way.
  • The threat indicator appears to spike whenever the target changes its target, usually by taunts or threat-related mechanics. This is a well-known bug in Blizzard’s ThreatAPI.



  • enUS – Native locale by SDPhantom
  • deDE – Translation by xF10w21
  • frFR – Translation by Arektor
  • ruRU – Translation by AmetistoFF
  • zhCN – Translation by Junlin Zhou

If you wish to help localize Modern TargetFrame, send me a link to a modified Localization.lua.



I’m open to questions and suggestions. Feel free to message me here or post in the comments.

I’m also available for support on the WoWUIDev Discord@mention me (SDPhantom) or send a DM.