Client Version: 3.4.3


This addon was created to help facilitate “soft reserves” of loot for raids. Before the raid begins, the raid leader or the master looter (the “server”) would start accepting loot reserves, of which each raider (“clients”) can only make a limited amount. If an item drops that is reserved by a single raider – they get it, if it’s reserved by multiple players – contenders /roll for it. The addon also contains its own roll tracker, allowing you to manage the unreserved loot as well.

The addon can also assist with distributing loot to roll winners.

Chat commands:

  • /reserve – to open the “client” window where players can make their reserves. Opens automatically when reserves are started.
  • /reserve server – to open the “server” window, where raid leaders and master looters can start a loot reserve session and see the list of all reserves players made, as well as manually request players to roll on any item.

Raiders are not required to use the addon to reserve items, they can post messages in the chat (whisper/raid/party/yell/say):

  • !reserves – to see the list of all the items reserves and who reserved them
  • !reserve ITEM – to reserve the item
  • !reserve ITEM x2 – to reserve the item twice, if allowed, spending 2 available reserves on it
  • !reserve cancel ITEM – to cancel the item reserve
  • !reserve cancel – to cancel the last item reserve made

where ITEM can be either an [Item Link] or the item’s name, whether full or partial (if there is ambiguity – they will be prompted about it. Only works in session creator’s client language).


The addon keeps track of which players in the raid are using it, and does not send them unnecessary whispers if they are.

The list of reservable loot from each raid can be manually edited to hide unwanted items, add or remove class restrictions, or even add your own custom items.

The list of reserved items can be exported to CSV and imported from CSV or by copy-pasting from spreadsheets.

Reserves are timed by default, but can be paused and resumed at any time regardless of the timer at the session creator’s discretion.

The list of players reserving the items in the server window behaves like unitframes outside of combat, players can be left-clicked to target them, right-clicked to open a context menu. During combat that functionality is disabled, as it leads to taint issues.

Raid leaders/master looters can initiate a roll for contested items, the addon will keep track of rolls and also show a popup window requesting reserving players to perform a /roll or pass on the item.

The addon keeps track of which reserved items have been looted by whom to make it easier to track which player is carrying what items in case the master looter was unable to vacuum them all up.

The addon supports semi-automatic item distribution. Opening a trade window or masterlooting to the correct person can be done by clicking a button.

Session creator can see which players reserved the item in item tooltips. The icon in the tooltip is intentionally made obnoxiously big to reduce the chance of it not being noticed.

Any player in the raid or even in regular parties can request a roll for any item from their inventory or from the currently looted corpse. Rolls can be timed, can progress through several configurable stages (e.g. Main Spec, Off Spec etc). Alternatively, items can also be automatically raid-rolled to a random player through the use of /roll command, making the result of this random roll transparent to all raiders.

The addon also keeps a history of all the rolls performed with it, and keeps track of player chat during roll, to allow the roll initiator to see at a glance if the players, for example, called out the spec they’re rolling for.


Caveats and known issues:

  • No localization support is provided for now. English only, not tested on other locales.