HydraUI – Classic

HydraUI – Classic

Client Version: 4.4.0



• What is HydraUI?

     HydraUI is a complete interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It restyles the default interface, while adding many useful features.

It requires no setup, and is configurable in-game via the command /hui


• Features

     HydraUI includes many custom UI elements which can be enabled or disabled, and configured as desired.

Some of the features that you can expect:

• Action Bars

• Auras

• Chat

• Experience and Reputation Bars

• Mini Map

• Name Plates (including casting bars)

• Unit, Party and Raid frames

• Tooltips, including item vendor prices

• Auto vendor grey quality items

• Auto repair equipped items

• Movable UI elements

• In-game settings window (/hui)

• Supports SharedMedia

• Supports Plugins

• Profile import/export


• Commands

These commands can be entered into chat to perform certain actions


     /hui  – Toggle the settings window

     /hui move – Drag UI elements around the screen

     /hui movereset – Reposition all movers to their default locations

     /hui keybind – Toggle mouseover keybinding

     /hui reset – Reset all stored UI information and settings

/hui help – Output this list of commands into the chat window


• Supported Plugins

     • Memory Data Text

     • Movement Speed Data Text

     • Invite Links


• Community & Support

Whether you have a support question, feature suggestion, or would just like to come and hang out with others,

you can join the Discord community by clicking here!


• Links

     • YouTube

     • Twitter


• Enjoying HydraUI?

If you enjoy my work and would like to help support further development or simply show appreciation, you can do so using PayPal by clicking the button at the top of the description!

Make sure to leave a username in the donation note, or let me know on Discord that you’ve donated for a unique role, as well as a special mention within the AddOn!