Druid Bar Classic

Druid Bar Classic

Client Version: 3.4.3



Druid Bar is a movable mana bar that keeps track of your current mana, even in a shapeshifted form like bear or cat.

Slash Commands

There are 2 available

  • /druidbar
  • /dbar

Either may receive a number of parameters:

  • on / off / toggle / vis / width / height / hide / lock / replace / player / text / message / status / debug / color

Explanation of the parameters:

  • on/off/toggle: This will toggle running of the addon. toggle switches between on and off.
  • vis: This will enable or disable any and all graphical stuff. if you use with other addons like StatusBars or Linoleum, turn it off. If not, leave it on ^^
  • width <#>: This will let you set the width of the bar.
  • height <#>: This will let you set the height of the bar.
  • percent: This toggles between 3 options: Showing Raw mana, showing %Mana, and showing both. Works for both the normal bar and Replace.
  • hide: This will toggle on/off the hiding of the bar when in caster form.
  • full: This will toggle on/off the hiding of the bar in animal forms when your mana is at 100%
  • lock: This will toggle on/off locking the position of the bar.
  • replace: This will replace the Player Frame’s mana bar, splitting it into two when shifted.
  • player: This will make the bar show up directly under the Player Frame. You know, where a lot of other addons like to place your Experience Bar.
  • text: This will toggle between 3 options: No text, “Classic” text, or “Modern” Text. (Modern having a border, Classic having no border). This option carries over for both the normal bar and the replaced bar.
  • status: This will list the status of all the toggles in your chat window. Simple, Easy, Effective.
  • debug: dumps some junk into the chat frame to help me(and you) figure out why the bar is not subtracting the proper amount of mana.
  • color: Changes the color of the mana bar by rgb vales. works like
  •     /dbar color [r/g/b/a/#(0-1)] [#(0-1)] {#(0-1)}
  •     this way you can change a specific color at once (like /dbar color r 0.75)
  •     or all three at once (like /dbar color 1 0 0)




Can be raised on Discord above.

See you in Azeroth!