Client Version: 2.4.3


This mod helps you to manage your totems, earth shield, elementals shields, weapons buffs and your reincarnation timer.


TotemManager have 3 frames:
– TotemFrame : air, water, fire and earth totem action frame and timer
– LongCooldownFrame : Show you the ankh and nature swiftness cooldown
– BuffActionFrame : weapon enchant, elemental shield and earth shield action frame and timer

An action frame is a menu.
Opened menu example (An : action n, where action is either a spell or an item)
Closed menu example (Sn : selected action)

To open a menu right click on Sn, to close it left or right click on An.
You can bind all the selected action in blizzard shortcut menu.
Beside the selected action there is a timer which show you the duration of your action effect.
If the action is a buff you will see number of people which get the buff.
Also when action effect expire or is finished you will get a scrolling message.
Sometimes you can remove action effect by ctrl-click on Sn.

You can change menu organization
by ctrl-click on A1 or ctrl-shift-click on A2.

You can add favorite action by alt-click on Sn
[F3] [S2]
The action 3 is now showing as favorite even if menu is closed.
To remove a favorite ctrl-alt-click on Sn.

You can swap between favorite action and selected action without opening and closing menu
[F3] [S2]
Just right click on F3
[F2] [S3]

All these actions are described on tooltips.

TotemManager has options in configuration frame (type “/totemmanager” or “/tm”) :
– scaling
– hide a frame
– change frame style
– reset
– lock / unlock frame position
– tooltip policy

Using set :
TotemManager provides a button in configuration which create set macro.
To save a set shift-click on macro button.
To delete a set alt-click on macro button.
To restore a set click on macro button.