Panacea Drums

Panacea Drums

Client Version: 2.4.3



This addon can:

  • Set up a rotation for each drum within the group with a simple command BEFORE the pull
  • Synchronize everyone’s rotation each time someone uses a drum, even if not in range
  • Adapt to a rotation change when people are dead, offline, or changed group
  • Adapt to a rotation change when someone takes someone’s else oder.
  • Whisper the next one on the list automatically. No needs for manual macros that will change all the time
  • Add a Sound effect when it’s your turn to drum. no need to check party text or whispers anymore.
  • a Flash on your screen when your CD is ready again.
  • Can integrate a player that doesn’t have the addon in the rotation and whisper him.
  • Your normal keybind will work with it just fine

However, the next one on the list won’t be whispered automatically ofc, when the one who doesn’t have the addon will finish his. So just keep an eye out if that’s the case.

The 2nd player won’t get any whispers, since he is dead. the rotation will skip to the 3. on the list.


In party chat: drummers

will set up a rotation on the drum you are currently watching with everyone else

drummers rotation

will advertise the current rotation in the party chat for everyone to see

to change the rotation to a specific order:

the syntax is as followed:

drummers TypeOfDrum Player1 Player2 Player3 ….

with TypeOfDrum= battle, resto, war


drummers battle Player1 Player2 Player3 Player4

will set up a rotation of drums of battle in that order, assuming all names are in the party.

drummers battle 2 1 3 4

will change the current rotation, base of the current one established. Player 2 will switch place with Player1 Making the new rotation

  1. Player2
  2. Player1
  3. Player3
  4. Player4

drummers battle 2 1 3 Player5 4

the 2 commands can be combined to add someone in a specific place.

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3 years ago

/ccd (stands for “ccDrums”) to bring up a configuration GUI, where you can set up things like the audio/whisper notifications, and so on…