Client Version: 2.4.3


If, like me, you’ve had to have your latest weapon or armour restored by Blizzard because you accidentally sold it or disenchanted it. This is the add-on for you!IGuard is inspired but an old add-on called ItemGuard. It simply did not let you sell things that you told it not too.

It’s has a number of features to protect your items:

  • Automatically stops protected items from being sold (configurable).
  • Warns you when you are about to destroy (e.g. disenchant) a protected item (configurable).
  • Automatically protects items that are in your equipment sets (configurable).
  • Automatically protects Epic and above items (configurable).
  • Automatically Protects Rare items (configurable).
  • Automatically protects items that you define (Custom List).
  • Enable/Disable Sound.
  • Indicates protected items in their tool-tips.
  • Pressing the CTRL key when dropping an item in the buyback window (i.e. selling) will allow you to sell it even if it is protected.
  • New: Enable/Disable iGuard via key binding or command prompt.
  • New: Titan Bar Support

It also gathers some useful information as it is used:

  • Provides a history of the last 40 things you have sold and indicates if they were protected (if vendor protection was turned off). [Titan and Command Line]
  • Provides a list of items that can currently be bought back. [Titan and Command Line]
  • Provides a list of you equipment set items that are/can be protected. [Titan and Command Line]
  • Provides a list of items that are in you custom list. [Titan and Command Line]

Command Lines

All functions can be accessed from the command line:

Command lines: /ig or /iguard or /protect


  • /ig – Displays a list of available commands.
  • /ig session – Displays a list of equipment set items that are protected.
  • /ig custom – Displays a list of items you have selected to protect
  • /ig buyback – Displays a list of items that can be bought back form the vendor.
  • /ig history – Display a list of items (max 40) that iGuard has seen you sell to a vendor.
  • /ig config – Opens the Blizzard configuration screen so that you can configure iGuard.
  • /ig [Link] – Add or removes (if already in the list) and item from you custom list. To add/remove an item you would type “/ig ” and then shift-left-click on and item in you inventory or in the chat window and then press return.
  • /ig enable – Enables iGuard.
  • /ig disable – Disables iGuard.


  • The buyback list will not show until you have visited a vendor.

Installation instructions

Extract files to the WOW add-on folder or follow this guide.

Release Log

15 Jun 2019 – 0.10 – Feature Release

0000146[General] Add support for Titan Bar

11 Jun 2019 – 0.9 – Initial Release

Ported the current version from WOW.

Future Features and Bugs

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