Have We Met?

Have We Met?

Client Version: 2.4.3


Have you ever thought, I’ve played with this player before… maybe it was on an alt or maybe it was months ago. Do you want to know who you have grouped with? Yes, then this add-on is for you.

Main Features

Fully integrated into the unit tooltip (i.e. show up when you point at another player)

  1. Provides summary text, indicating how often you have grouped with a player.
    e.g. “Have We Met? Once or Twice”
  2. Shows the time since you last grouped with a player.
  3. Shows the names and types of the last 4 instances you have played with them.
  4. Session history, listing all players you have grouped/raided with since you logged in (/hwm session)
  5. Data browser with filtering and search features. Includes the ability to edit rating, whisper player or run who command.
  6. Rate a Player (Poor, Needs Practice, OK, Reliable, Awesome) and add a note.
  7. You are alerted when a player you know has joined a group/raid and you have not seen them since you logged in.
  8. Standard options screen (Interface menu) added.
  9. Option to only show key data in tooltip added (pressing shift when over a unit will always show all relevant data).
  10. Data browser accessible from Social Window
  11. Records the time you spend with each payer (closest 30 seconds) and summarizes that time by:-
  • Total time in parties
  • Total time in raids
  • Total time in dungeons (split by rating – Normal, Heroic, etc.)
  • Total time in raids (split by rating – Normal(10), Heroic (25), etc.)
  • Total time in PVP (split by rating – Normal, Heroic, etc.)
  1. New: Integrated with titan.
  2. Command line to manually add a player from your realm (/hwm add <player-name>)

Installation instructions

Extract files to the WOW add-on folder or follow this guide.

Type “/hwm” for options.

Release Log

15 Jun 2019 – 1.01  – FEATURE Release

0000147[General]Add support for Titan Bar

11 Jun 2019 – 1.00  – Initial Release

Ported the current version from WOW.

Future Features and Bugs

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