HatCheck Classic (TBC)

HatCheck Classic (TBC)

Client Version: 2.4.3


By Kalimash of Grobbulus

Version 2.05.01 (TBC Classic)  for Classic version visit https://legacy-wow.com/classic-addons/hatcheck-classic/

HatCheck is a small addon that adds checkboxes in the player paperdoll frame to toggle the helm and cloak visibility settings along with providing slash commands for further utility.

You can use /hc or /hatcheck

/hc or /hc help — shows help message;

  • /hc helm or /hch — Toggles Helm
  • /hc cloak or /hcc — Toggles Cloak
  • /hc hideall — Hides both Helm and Cloak
  • /hc showall — Shows both Helm and Cloak

Based on the Original Hattrick released by Tekkub