Call of Elements

Call of Elements

Client Version: 2.4.3


This is an All-In-One Shaman class addon for World Of Warcraft.
Currently, it features a complete totem module to simplify totem usage
and increase your efficiency in party and in PVP.
Yet to come are a healing module and some miscellanous options that
help with different tasks.

The totem module provides you with customizable frames that hold all
of your totems separated by element and work just like a standard action bars.
In addition, each totem has its own timer that displays how long the totem
will still be active. When there are only 10 or 5 seconds left or when
the totem expires, a notification is shown in the screen center.
Furthermore you are able to create your own totem sets which hold a totem
of each element that can be cast using only one command or button.
There is also one predefined set for each class that is automatically
activated in pvp when you target a hostile player of the corresponding class.

Also in development is the healing module that helps conserving mana
and healing the right group member at the right time more efficiently
than doing this manually.

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