WyeSoft Zone Track

WyeSoft Zone Track

Client Version: 5.0.4


WyeSoft Zone Track v1.01 (freeware World of Warcraft addon)




Copyright © 2012 WyeSoft.  All rights reserved.


Designed and created by Matthew A. Wood


Originally released 25 September 2012

This version released 23 October 2012


Current World of Warcraft version: 5.0.5





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WyeSoft Zone Track is an addon for World of Warcraft with a very simple function.  When you enter an area any quests you have in the area will automatically be added to your objective tracker (the watch list on the right-hand side of your screen), as well as the quest completion achievement for the zone if there is one.  When you leave an area, quests and the achievement for that area will be automatically removed from the objective tracker.


Slash commands


/ZONETRACK Q  toggles automatic tracking of quests when entering a zone.

/ZONETRACK A  toggles automatic tracking of quest completion achievement when entering a zone.

/ZONETRACK I  displays information on the area you are currently in (intended for debugging purposes).

/ZONETRACK H  lists Zone Track’s slash commands.


Just in case /ZONETRACK is used by another addon, you can replace it with /WYESOFTZONETRACK


Change log


v1.00 to v1.01


– Bug relating to Monk faction selection fixed