WyeSoft Gold Hoarder

WyeSoft Gold Hoarder

Client Version: 5.0.4


WyeSoft Gold Hoarder v1.01 (freeware World of Warcraft addon)




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Designed and created by Matthew A. Wood


Originally released 25 September 2012

This version released 23 October 2012


Current World of Warcraft version: 5.0.5





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WyeSoft Gold Hoarder is an addon for World of Warcraft, which can display a session’s incomings, outgoings and profit or loss, as well as the amount of money each character on a particular realm owns and the total amount of money you have on that realm.  There is an optional frame to permanently display the amount of money you have on the current character and realm.


Gold Hoarder also displays profit/loss information whenever you visit a vendor, mailbox or auction house, and can be configured to automatically repair items or sell trash (grey) items when you visit a vendor.


Gold Hoarder can only detect how much money a particular character has when you log into it.  This means that when you first install the addon, you will need to log into each character on a realm before it can correctly display all of their balances and the realm total.


Gold Hoarder frame


There is an optional frame displaying the amount of money you currently have on both the current character and realm.  Click the “Char” display to display incomings, outgoings and profit/loss since login, in the chat frame.  Click the “Realm” display to list each each character’s money on the current realm and faction.


Holding SHIFT allows you to drag the frame to a different position on your screen, or to resize it with the mouse scrollwheel.


Slash commands


/GOLD  displays incomings, outgoings and profit/loss since login and your current money on both the character you are playing and the realm.

/GOLD C  lists each character’s money on the realm and faction you are currently playing on, as well as the total.

/GOLD F  toggles display of Gold Hoarder frame.

/GOLD R  toggles automatic repairing of items when interacting with a vendor that can repair.

/GOLD T  toggles automatic selling of trash (grey) quality items when interacting with a vendor.

/GOLD S <Scale>  resizes the Gold Hoarder frame to the given percentage of its default size.  Example /GOLD S 100  (do not enter a % symbol).

/GOLD RESET  resets size and position of Gold Hoarder frame.

/GOLD H  lists Gold Hoarder’s slash commands.


In case /GOLD is used by another addon, you can replace it with any of the following:





Change log


v1.00 to v1.01


– Bug realting to neutral Monks fixed

– Bug relating to hiding the UI fixed