Client Version: 5.0.4


Wholly is a complete visualization of the Grail quest database addon as it relates to the player. It shows a panel with quests conveniently separated into zones and indicates their status. Quests can be filtered so only those that need to be completed, etc. appear. Wholly also shows pins on the world map for locations where quest givers appear, and the pins are similarly colored based on their status.

  • Features
    Uses Grail as the backend database of quests

    • Knows what quests the player has completed using server query
    • Stores information about repeatable quests completed since Blizzard resets this information
    • Knows quest prerequisites
    • Knows quest breadcrumbs
    • Provides a quest log panel that lists filtered quests
    • Quests are are grouped by “zone” where they start
    • Each map area
    • Each dungeon
    • Each world event
    • Each class
    • Each profession that is required
    • Each faction reputation that is required
    • Achievements, including zones, dungeons and others that are quest based like the hunting ones
    • Reputation changes which group quests by the reputations whose value changes when the quest is turned in
    • Daily
    • Other, which includes special map areas like Molten Front and Darkmoon Island
    • Tags, which are defined by the user Available in version 43


  • Searching quests Available in version 014
    • Searches quest titles
    • Keeps a list of most recent searches


  • Quests are filtered in a variety of ways including completed, currently in the Blizzard quest log, unobtainable, etc.
  • A tooltip for each quest shows the server information about the quest, plus extra information like quest givers, turn in location, any breadcrumb quests that can still be gotten, and prerequisite quests (for a quest that needs prerequisites fulfilled)
  • Quests that are in the Blizzard quest log can be configured to display (Complete) and (Failed)
  • Opens with a keybinding
  • Opens with /wholly slash command
  • Quests can be sorted by name, quest level, or quest status and available in version 22 a tooltip indicates the current sort order
  • Has a preference button to open the Wholly preferences
  • Has a zone button to switch to the current zone
  • Can be configured to automatically switch to the current zone as the zone changes
  • Alt-clicking a quest will target the quest giver for the quest unless the quest is an “in log” quest, and then the turn in NPC is targeted
  • Ctrl-shift-clicking a quest will change whether the quest is ignored Available in version 27
  • Right-shift-clicking a quest will allow associating/disassociating a quest with any tags currently available Available in version 43
  • The zone button has a tooltip indicating the quest status summary for the current zone
  • The quest panel can be shown in a wide format Available in version 20
    • A summary of quests per zone can be shown, and optionally updated live Available in version 22


  • Modifies the NPC tooltips for NPCs that need to be killed to start a quest, or drop an item that starts a quest
  • Modifies the Blizzard Quest Panel to put the quest ID into the top right, and provides a tooltip for that quest ID that has the rich tooltip information similarly available in the Wholly quest panel
  • Modifies the Blizzard Quest Panel to put a bugged message when quests are marked as bugged Available in version 016
  • Adds a tooltip for the quests in the Blizzard quest log Available in version 22
  • Provides map pins for quest givers on the world map
    • Pins are filtered with the same preferences as the quest log panel (however, purple, green and brown quests will not show up as pins)
    • A Wholly button can be shown on the world map that controls the display of the Wholly pins, with a tooltip showing the quest status summary for the current map
    • Wholly pins show tooltips of all the quests each quest giver has (and shows those of nearby quest givers as well)
    • Wholly pins are colored the “best” color for the quests the quest giver has
    • For truly repeatable quests the map pin icon is a question mark instead of an exclamation point


  • The quests for map pins and for the quest log are separate and independent
  • Quest status summary tooltips
    • These display the count of the number of each type of quest in the associated “zone” using the standard quest status colors Wholly uses, summarizing the list at the end with the number of quests displayed and the total number of quests in the “zone”.
    • Tooltips exist for the Zone button on the quest log panel, the Wholly button on the world map and the LibDataBroker icon
    • These live update as the zone changes


  • Color of quest title indicates status
    • Player can get quest
    • Player can get quest but it is low-level
    • Player level is too low to get quest
    • Quest is Legendary
    • Quests needs prerequisites
    • Repeatable (daily, monthly, yearly, or truly repeatable)
    • Repeatable but player level is too low to get quest
    • Weekly Available in version 039
    • Quest in player’s quest log
    • Quest already completed and turned in
    • Quest unobtainable (e.g., Faction, Class, Race, Gender, Reputation, Profession, etc.)
    • Problem because quest unclassifiable


  • User can control quest colors for a number of common quest statuses Available in version 041
  • Breadcrumb support
    • When the Blizzard Quest Panel appears to allow acceptance of a quest that has a breadcrumb quest that still can be completed, the user is presented with a breadcrumb warning attached to the Blizzard Quest Panel
    • The tooltip for the breadcrumb warning indicates what breadcrumb quests are available with the quest givers
    • Left-click in the breadcrumb warning to put TomTom waypoints for the breadcrumb quest givers’ locations


  • TomTom integration
    • Left-click a quest in the Wholly quest log to create waypoints for that quest’s quest givers
    • Right-click a quest in the Wholly quest log that needs prerequisites to create waypoints for the quest givers for the first quest in the prerequisite chain
    • Right-click a quest in the Wholly quest log that does not need prerequisites to create waypoints for that quest’s turn in locations
    • Left-click in the breadcrumb area of the Blizzard Quest panel to create waypoints for the quest givers of the breadcrumb quests
    • Ctrl-left-click a quest in the Wholly quest log to create waypoints for EVERY quest in that “zone” Available in version 027


  • LightHeaded integration Available in version 018
    • Shift-left-click a quest in the Wholly quest log to attach the LightHeaded panel for that quest
    • Shift-left-click the same quest in the Wholly quest log to close the LightHeaded panel


  • LibDataBroker integration
    • Provides an icon
    • Left-click opens the Wholly quest log
    • Right-click opens the Wholly preferences
    • The tooltip provides the summary of quests for the selected zone in the Wholly quest log
    • Provides a data feed of the player’s x,y coordinates in the map Available in version 014


  • Can update an open world map when the zone changes


  • Keybindings are provided for the preferences marked [keybinding] Available in version 027

Base quests
Will always include quests that are available plus the following types that are checked

  • Completed [keybinding]
    Quests the are turned in
  • Needs prerequisites [keybinding]
    Quests that are currently not available because a prerequisite has not been met
  • Unobtainable [keybinding]
    Quests that are not available because of reasons like race, gender, class mismatch or incompatibility with quests turned in or in log

Filters apply to base quests and will exclude quests of the types not marked in the filter section

  • Repeatable [keybinding]
    Includes truly repeatable quests (represented by blue question marks in the UI)
  • Daily [keybinding]
    Includes daily quests
  • In Log
    Includes quests in the player’s quest log
  • Low-level
    Includes quests that are lower than the player’s level such that they do not normally appear in the Blizzard UI unless the user selects an option to display them
  • High level
    Includes quests for which the player is not high enough level to accept
  • Scenario Available in version 025
    Includes quests that are marked as scenarios.
  • World Events Available in version 027
    Includes quests that only appear during world events
  • Ignored Available in version 027
    Includes quests that are marked as ignored
  • Weekly [keybinding] Available in version 039
    Includes weekly quests

Quest Title Appearance
When Wholly displays quest titles it modifies them based on the following preferences

  • Prepend quest level
    Puts [level] in front of the quest name
  • Append required level
    Puts [required level] after the quest name if the quest requires a higher level than the player
  • Show whether repeatable quests previously completed
    Displays an asterisk after the quest if the character has ever completed the quest (as reported in the Grail database)
  • Show status of quests in log
    This will show (Complete) or (Failed) with quests in the Blizzard quest log as appropriate

World map

  • Display map pins for quest givers [keybinding]
    Controls whether pins on the world map are shown for quest givers
  • Display button on world map
    Controls whether the Wholly button appears in the top left of the world map (whose function is the same as switching the above preference)
  • Display dungeon quests in outer map
    Displays dungeon quests in the zone where the dungeon entrance is (as well as is the actual dungeon)
  • Open world map updates when zones change
    Normally when the world map is open, and the player changes zones, the world map does not update to the new zone. When this is checked, it will update.


  • Quest log panel updates when zones change
    If this is not set, the quest log panel will remain on the zone the user has selected
  • Display breadcrumb quest information on Quest Frame
    If this is checked, just before accepting a quest the UI will indicate when there is a breadcrumb quest that is available to be completed
  • Display holiday quests always Removed in version 027
    Normally holiday quests would only be displayed during the holiday, however, with this checked holiday quests in their own group will always be displayed along with the other filters selected
  • Show only Loremaster quests
    When this is checked, quests that qualify for Loremaster in a zone are listed even if they start in another zone, and those that are not part of the zone’s Loremaster are not shown.
  • Enable player coordinates
    When this is checked a LibDataBroker feed is provided that shows the x,y map coordinates of the player’s position.
  • Show achievement completion colors
    When this is checked the achievement menu items are colored green if completed and yellow if not
  • Bugged quests considered unobtainable
    When this is checked, quests that are considered bugged are considered unobtainable, otherwise their status is as would normally be computed
  • Tooltips appear on Blizzard Quest Log Available in version 038
    When this is checked, the Wholly tooltip will appear for each quest in the Blizzard quest log, otherwise no tooltip will appear

Wide Wholly Quest Panel
Wholly can display its quest panel in two modes widths, with the wide one controlled by scrollers and the thin one controlled by a drop down

  • Show
    When checked, the wide panel is used, otherwise the thin panel is used
  • Show quest counts
    When checked, a subset of quest counts appear for each “zone” in the wide panel as each zone is clicked
  • Live quest count updates
    When checked, the quest counts will update based on quest activity assuming the “zone” already has a count displayed

Load Data
Grail provides some loadable addons that can be controlled here

  • Achievements
    Achievement data needs to be loaded to provide “zones” representing the achievements
  • Reputation Changes
    Reputation data needs to be loaded to display in the tooltip information as well as provide “zones” for each of the reputation changes
  • Completion Dates Available in version 034
    Completion data needs to be loaded so the date/time for the completion of quests is recorded