Warrior Proc Alert

Warrior Proc Alert

Client Version: 5.0.4


Warriors have many abilities that are only available when they have certain buffs or their target has certain debuffs. For instance Ultimatum allows a Protection warrior to use Heroic Strike for free. Some mods went a long way toward helping warriors see these procs. However these mods don’t recognize all procs and are lacking in the Arms spec. This mod allows warriors to see a simple pop-up letting them know the most important proc or ability currently available. No more carefully searching through the huge lists of buffs and debuffs hoping that you spot the procs in time while also trying to execute a rotation.
Also, the easy to use “Check Box” options interface allows you to set your preferred mode without having to type in the name of the proc that needs to be monitored. This mod was created by a warrior, for warriors.

How do you use this mod?
The best way to set it up is to use the GUI options. Toggle show the Option Window: /wproc options Toggle enable Proc Alerts (only shows alerts configured through the options window): /wproc show Toggle lock the Windows (including proc alert window): /wproc lock
Explanation of GUI options:

  • Show: The proc alert window will appear when selected and alert options are also selected.
  • Instance only: The proc alert window will only appear when the player is in an instance.
  • Show Spell Names: The proc will appear with the spell name as well as the spell icon.
  • Lock: Locks the options window and proc alert window in place when selected.
  • Shout Drop Down Menu
    • Commanding Shout: Commanding Shout alerts will display if Show is also selected
    • Battle Shout: Battle Shout alerts will display if Show is also selected*


  • Profile Drop Down Menu
    • Arms: Default alerts set to Rend, Sudden Death, Taste for Blood, Mortal Strike, and Rage Dump
    • Fury: Default alerts set to Instant Slam and Rage Dump
    • Protection: Default alerts set to Sword and Board, Vigilance, and Rage Dump


  • BerserkerRage – Alerts when Berserker Rage can be used and you are not already enraged
  • Bloodsurge – Alerts when the Bloodsurge proc is active
  • Bloodthirst – Alerts when the Bloodthirst ability is available
  • Collossus Smash – Alerts when the Collossus Smash debuff is not active
  • Execute – Alerts when the Execute ability is available
  • Impending Victory – Alerts when the Impending Victory ability can be used with a bonus from Victory Rush
  • Low Health – Alerts when you have low health and should consider popping cool-downs to stay alive
  • Meat Cleaver – Alerts when the Meat Cleaver buff has three stacks
  • Mortal Strike – Alert when the Mortal Strike ability is available
  • Overpower – Alert when the Overpower ability is available
  • Rage Dump – Alert when your warrior has excessive rage
  • Raging Blow – Alert when the Raging Blow ability is available
  • Revenge – Alert when the Revenge ability is available
  • Shield Slam – Alert when the Shield Slam ability is available
  • Shout – Alert when you have low range and your Battle Shout or Commanding Shout is available
  • Taste for Blood – Alert when the Taste for Blood proc is active
  • Thunder Clap – Alert when the Thunder Clap ability is available
  • Ultimatum – Alert when the Ultimatum proc is active
  • Weakened Blows – Alert when the Weakened Blows debuff is not active
  • Whirlwind – Alert when the Whirlwind ability is available

All alerts can be set to any profile. This means that you can modify the default protection profile to alert on arms type abilities. The profile name is nothing more than a name.