Trivia Bot

Trivia Bot

Client Version: 5.0.4


TriviaBot allows the user to host quiz games for other players.
Spamming it in /say in crowded places or /general is not a good idea,
but Blizzard’s spam prevention makes it alot harder to abuse it that way currently.

It’s a nice and safe pass-time among consenting adults. 🙂 
Used best in the custom channel, a party with friends or to liven up that “dead” guild chat.


  • /triviabot or /trivia to bring up it’s control panel.
  • then you can use the dropdowns to select among different Question Lists and Categories.
  • set the output and customize the announce intervals, reporting options etc.

Other Commands

  • /trivia help will list other commands.
  • !tb help whispered to a game host will list other whisper commands.

With version 2.8.0 and later 
TriviaBot no longer contains pre-packaged Quizzes with the main download!

  • Quizzes are instead coming in the form of separate Load on Demand addons called Quiz plugins.
  • This allows the game to load much faster since Question Lists are not loaded until the Quiz host selects them from the TriviaBot control panel.
  • Gives you the option to install only quiz themes and languages that interest you.
  • Allows the community to create and share quizzes without having to wait for the main addon to be repackaged.

Quiz Plug-ins

  • Adventures of Aiden Hall – 3200 WoW questions Authors: aidenhall.
  • TriviaBot Quiz Timeless Authors: Blizzard / Dridzt for the conversion.
  • TriviaBot_QuizDragonSoul1 Authors: Marchello@Aszune / zopa34
  • TriviaBot Boss Strategies Authors: Urkel and Shamanshis – EU-Darksorrow.
  • TriviaBot_CataTrivia500 Authors: Etuliela and Indomie, US-Barthilas.
  • TriviaBot_CataTrivia501-1000 Authors: Etuliela and Indomie, US-Barthilas.
  • TriviaBot_QuestionsWoW1 (previously prepackaged as QuestionsTriviaQuestions1.lua) Generic WoW BC/LK era.
  • TriviaBot_QuestionsWoW2 (previously prepackaged as QuestionsTriviaQuestions7.lua) Generic WoW Classic era.
  • TriviaBot_QuizAnythingHessinger 4897 Generic – non WoW questions (previously QuestionsTriviaQuestions2.lua)

You need at least one quiz plugin installed for TriviaBot to be able to host a game.

All mentioned addons are available in this private post!!

Making your own load on demand Quiz

  • A sample addon and basic instructions (README_EN.txt) on how to create your own quiz
    can be found in TriviaBotQuestions sub-folder coming with TriviaBot v2.8.0 and later.