Trivia Bot Question Maker

Trivia Bot Question Maker

Client Version: 5.0.4


is meant to provide an easier way for TriviaBot quiz authors to create question lists in-game without having to manually edit the question templates in external editors.

Having TriviaBot loaded in addition allows them to send the question list they’re working on to TriviaBot for testing how it plays out before saving and submitting it.

(check the screenshot for any reference to specific fields)

  • /tbqm to bring up the questionmaker window.
  • Type in a New List name or select one from the dropdown if you’re continuing an existing List.
  • This name has to be unique for the current working lists.
  • Press <Enter> to automatically move to the next field.
  • Type in the Set Description.
  • Press <Enter> to automatically insert or update it and move to the next field.
  • Type in the Set Author (your name, nick or player name as you prefer)
  • Press <Enter> to insert or update it and move to the next field.

This completes the necessary input for the Question List Set.
You will not modify these fields again until you want to work on or start a new list.

  • Type in the Add Category field.
    Press <Enter> to insert a category and continue typing and pressing <Enter>
    until you have all the categories you need for your Question List (eg. Cataclysm <Enter> Lore <Enter> Encounters)
    Pressing <Enter> when the field is empty will assume you are done adding categories and move to the Question Field so you can begin adding questions.


  • Type in a Question:.
    Press <Enter> to move to the answers field.


  • Type in your Answers:.
    need to enter multiple answers separate them with a semicolon ;
    Example: two;2;second if you want to have all 3 as valid answers to your question.
    Press <Enter> to move to Points and again to move to Hints.
    Both of those fields are optional meaning you can leave them empty.
    The questionmaker will add the default value of 1 for the Points itself.
    You can also enter multiple hints by separating them with semicolons.
    Example: number;small number


  • Pressing [Next] (the bottom right button) will insert that question to your list and move the focus back to the Question field for entering the next one.
    Tip:You can set a keybind to the Next/Update button from Game Options -> Keybindings -> Triviabot QuestionMaker, for mouse-free data entry.
    Example: Ctrl+Enter
    That way you can keep typing and pressing enter to move between fields and <Ctrl+Enter> to insert the Question without touching your mouse.
    It speeds things up considerably.


  • Finally the Browse field and forward/backward buttons allow you to navigate to previous questions to make corrections/additions.
    When you navigate to an existing question the [Next] button will change to [Update].


  • When you are done editing your Question Lists press the [Save List] button at the bottom.
    This will Reload your User Interface and dump the Question Lists you were working on to the Addon SavedVariables.

Look into World of WarcraftWTFAccount<youraccount>SavedVariables
 is the file you want to be zipping up and submitting to the TriviaBot authors for inclusion to the addon.

Converting the QuestionMaker saved variables to a standalone quiz addon
Ok a step by step on how to convert the QuestionMaker saved variables file to a quiz plugin (addon) for TriviaBot.

(if you’re not too confident you can do it first time, a link to the finished addon after these steps are done by me is provided further down)


  • Go into World of WarcraftWTFAccount<youraccount>SavedVariables and copy your TriviaBot_QuestionMaker.lua to the desktop. (make sure you’ve exited WoW or used the [Save] button on QuestionMaker before you do so it has your last work)
  • Go into AddOnsTriviaBotQuestions folder and copy <TriviaBot_QuizTemplate> folder to your desktop, this is the quiz template addon.
  • Rename TriviaBot_QuizTemplate folder to TriviaBot_QuizDS1.
  • Go into TriviaBot_QuizDS1 folder and rename the TriviaBot_QuizTemplate.toc file to TriviaBot_QuizDS1.toc as well (both the new addon folder and the .toc file inside it need to have the same name or the game won’t load it)

File editing
If you’re on Windows and don’t have a proper editor get Notepad++ 
(it’s a great and free text editor; don’t use Windows Notepad for code)

Open your TriviaBot_QuestionMaker.lua file in the text editor.At the very top of the file copy this line: local _,TriviaBot_Questions = … Edit the second line:TriviaBot_QuestionsQM = { and make it TriviaBot_Questions[1] =(replace QM with [1] and remove the curly brace after ‘=’)Scroll to the very bottom of the file and also remove the very last closing curly brace }and the trailing comma and comment from the one above. Remove , — [1] but leave the ‘line before last’ curly brace intact.Save the TriviaBot_QuestionMaker.lua file and close it, then rename it to TriviaQuestions.lua.Finally, move your TriviaQuestions.lua file we just finished into TriviaBot_QuizDS1 folder and overwrite the example file that was there. 

Finishing Touches
Open the TriviaBot_QuizDS1.toc file in a text editor and put your name after Author:and your quiz description after Notes:Save and close the file.Zip up your TriviaBot_QuizDS1 folder and you have your new TriviaBot quiz plugin ready for upload. You unzip it to World of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns folder like any other addon and it will appear as a selection in TriviaBot.]

Using the [Test] button at bottom left will send the question list currently selected in QuestionMaker to TriviaBot (v2.7.0 or higher only!) for testing it out.
(Test button will only appear if TriviaBot is detected loaded)

To return to your original TriviaBot Lists press the [Reload] button that will appear on TriviaBot control panel when a QuestionMaker List is loaded.
Pressing it will reload the original TriviaBot Questions.
This doesn’t affect QuestionMaker in any way, your working List is still there unaffected to add to / edit or save.

Can I add my saved QuestionMaker Lists to TriviaBot?

  • Yes, that’s the whole point 🙂
    However since this is primarily intended as a helper tool for submitting questions to the TriviaBot team it’s recommended to just zip up and post your saved variables and let them do the minor adjustments necessary.

Can I add existing TriviaBot Question Lists to QuestionMaker so I can add/correct them in-game?

  • Yes again, but this will also require you to do some simple but nevertheless manual file operations.
    The procedure will be described in comments if there’s alot of requests for it.