Titan Panel [Item Count]

Titan Panel [Item Count]

Client Version: 5.0.4


Titan Item Count is a Titan Panel plugin that displays the current quantity of any specified item in your bags. It’s useful for non-quest items you may be gathering for reputation turn-in, such as the Obsidian Warbeads, or the Fertile Spores, or the Dread Amber Shards; it eliminates the need to keep opening your bags to see if you have reached the desired quantity.

If you only want to track profession materials or other “useful” items, there is a better addon for that called Titan Panel [Gathered], which is a very nice Titan plugin that will track multiple useful tradegoods at the same time. It seems to be aimed at gathering and crafting, and does not track certain other miscellaneous items you may want to collect, though, which is the reason behind Titan Item Count. Instead of asking the developer of Gathered for a new feature, I decided to take the opportunity to increase my own workload.

Use the addons Options Panel or the slash command ‘/tic’ to configure options:

  • change the tracked item
  • create a goal quantity and alert when reached
  • change the alert sound
  • hide/show the item name in the Titan button