Soul Speak

Soul Speak

Client Version: 5.0.4


SoulSpeak is a small Ace3/LDB automatic chat/emote addon.
For time being warlocks only!

Current features;

Does a;
..fixed or random pre-emote & quote on Ritual of Souls & Ritual of Summoning.
..fixed or random pre-emote & quote incl. whisper to target for Soulstone Resurrection.
..fixed or random pre-emote & quote when summoning the warlock demon pets.

Events is split in party/raid/solo with more than 300 editable quotes.

Support <player>,<pet>,<target>,<targetclass>,<he/she>,<him/her>,<his/her>,<his/hers>
Gender tags is NOT case sensitive, see what you type:)

Does a fixed or random emote when using the infamous Hearthstone:P
Events is split in morning, afternoon, evening and night.

And since we all are polite warlocks:P
Does a fixed or random emote to the person rez’ing you:)

How frequent SoulSpeak announces can be set in options.
Use hotkeys on minimap/LDB-panel, type /ss or bind a key for options.