Simple Raid Target Icons

Simple Raid Target Icons

Client Version: 5.0.4


Features: Shows a radial menu on

  • Single click with configurable modifier (alt, ctrl, shift).
  • Double-click with configurable speed threshold.
  • Keybind to show the radial menu.
  • Preview frame to test the settings.
  • Keybind to apply mark on mouseover. (no menu)
  • Works with nameplate clicking.
  • Works with Target|Focus|BossFrames.
  • (new) Experimental support for non-Blizzard unitframes
    • Target,Focus of some popular addons supported ‘out of the box’ (STUF, Shadowed, XPerl, Perl, PitBull4)
    • Keybind for power users they can hit once while hovering their custom unitframes to register them with SRTI.
    • (mainly as a way to support the myriad oUF* plugins, but other custom UFs might also work)
    • PugLax support for Icon customization (thanks to Virance)
    • Allows you to see crowd control assignments on the radial menu. (look at screenshot for example)
    • Bring up SRTI options with /srti and tick the PugLax checkbox.


What is “Select Icon on Hover”?

  • When the radial menu is shown, you can select an icon by moving your cursor over the icon instead of clicking on it. This can be toggled individually for the three methods for showing the radial menu, as well as a global setting for how long the cursor needs to stay over an icon for it to be selected.

What’s the “Test Me” in the options?

  • You can click there to see what effect the options have on the radial menu, and set a virtual raid icon on yourself. The keybinding method also affects the “Test Me” when the options are open.

Why doesn’t your addon show a list of the icons on the screen?

  • I wrote this addon because I didn’t like those UIs. They took up valuable screen space for an infrequently used tool. I also found the separation of the target and the icons themselves to slow down the whole process.

Can you add something that will let me target an enemy that already has an icon?

  • No, the short answer is Blizzard disabled the ability for addon to do this. There are addons that used to do this, and addons that fake similar features for raid/party members, but it is not actually possible for raid icons unless Blizzard adds it themselves.