Shock And Awe

Shock And Awe

Client Version: 5.0.4


  • ShockAndAwe displays timer bars for Shocks, Stormstrike, Windfury (internal CD), Maelstrom Weapon, Lava Lash, Feral Spirits, and your shield. It optionally shows number of orbs on left shield, stacks of MW, advises of next shock in rotation. It also shows a user configurable priority icon frame to advise you of what the highest damage ability available is. Using the priority frame ensures you always use the highest damage ability to maximize your DPS.

    ShockAndAwe is a WotLK replacement for DisqoDice. Disquette of of Sargeras was the original author of this mod. He has stopped playing the game and he kindly allowed me to take over the mod. I renamed it to ShockAndAwe as I felt that that was a more appropriate name for an addon devoted to helping Enhancement Shamans Shock, StormStrike and Windfury (and Lava Lash and Lava Burst ) their way to their maximum dps.


    • ”’Feral Spirits”’: Shows two bars the longer one is the 3 minute cooldown of before you can use the Feral Spirits again and the smaller bar shows the 45 second duration of the Feral Spirits out and active.
    • ”’Shield”’: shows red when shield is inactive, shows time left on shield when active. Displays as pale grey when water shield active, blue when lightning shield is active, and green if some other shaman has cast an earth shield on you. It also displays the number of orbs charges you have left on the bar.
    • ”’Maelstrom”’: Shows 30 second cooldown and stacks of Maelstrom charges. Shows number of charges on the bar and lights up when you have a full 5 stacks of Maelstrom, this is to show that an instant cast spell (Lava Burst, Lightning, Chain Lightning) is possible. Option flash the bar and/or play a sound when you get 5 stacks.
    • ”’Stormstrike”’: bar shows when SS is active, duration is modified by Imp.SS talent – overlayed on this bar is hidden Windfury cooldown, so when WF procs you can see how long it will be before SS is ready and whether its worth waiting to proc WF off a SS.
    • ”’Shock bar”’: shows the type of shock cast (green – earth, orange – flame, blue – frost, grey – wind) and duration before shock is next available. Duration of bar is modified by Reverberation talent.
    • ”’Global Cooldown”’: shows expiry of GCD
    • ”’Lava Lash”’: shows cooldown of Lava Lash

    Uptime Box
    New frame that shows uptime of our major buffs : Flurry, Unleashed Rage, Elemental Devastation. May also add Lightning Speed (Mongoose proc), Elemental Strength (Stonebreaker Totem proc) however these will probably be replaced by new lvl 80 buffs so will probably wait until those are implemented. Display has both session uptimes and last fight uptimes.

    Now supports SharedMedia, so you can configure your bar textures to suit your UI. Also now supports altering colours to suit your own preferences.

    Priority Box
    Now you can configure a priority queue so it will show you the icon of the next skill thats off cooldown that gives highest dps. User configurable options for priorities. Defaults are MW5_LB, ES_SS, SS, ES, LL, ST, LS as those are showing top DPS according to [ EnhSim]. Will also optionally show windshock icon if your threat is overtaking the tank.

    Other Features
    Now warns if your weapons are missing buffs on entering combat – warns when shield expires.

    Now can flash Maelstrom bar when you get 5 stacks, and optionally play a configurable sound every few seconds. Plus can do the same for 4 stacks – feature requested by community.

    Displays an optional WF & SS dmg totalizing and option to output to scrolling combat text. So now you can see the total dmg you do from a WF or SS hit.

    Gives options to keybind your weapon buff choices and your shield choices.

    Ability to export your character data for use in the [ Shaman Sim] so you can calculate your dps and the best kit stats for your personal setup.

    To configure the addon
    Simply type /saa config to bring up the config panel to allow you to configure it.

    One of the most common requests for changing the config is to adjust the frame/bar widths, and to change the sounds for MW4 & MW5. These are easiest changed on the Blizzard Config options.