Shields Up

Shields Up

Client Version: 5.0.4


  • ShieldsUp monitors your Earth Shield, Water Shield, and Lightning Shield.
    • Easy-to-read plain text display
    • Shows your active shields and their remaining charges ^
    • Shows who you cast your Earth Shield on
    • Optional text and sound alerts when one of your shields expires or is removed
    • Condensed display while solo (or for shamans without Earth Shield)
    • Supports custom fonts and sounds via LibSharedMedia-3.0 media packs

    Note that Water Shield and Lightning Shield will display a “W” or “L”, respectively, except for elemental shamans, who will see a number for Lightning Shield when they have at least one extra charge.

    Type /sup for options, or browse to the ShieldsUp panel in the standard Interface Options window.


    Why isn’t ShieldsUp monitoring my Earth Shield?

    • ShieldsUp only monitors Earth Shield when it’s cast on yourself, or on a player or pet in your party or raid group. There is no way for addons to reliably monitor buffs cast on units who are not in your group, so ShieldsUp doesn’t try.

    Why am I only seeing one charge counter?

    • ShieldsUp switches to a single-counter display when you are solo, or if you don’t have the Earth Shield talent, since in either situation it’s only possible for you to have one shield active on a target ShieldsUp can monitor.