Shaman Friend

Shaman Friend

Client Version: 5.0.4


  • Shaman Friend
    This addon is designed specially for the Shaman class. It contains a lot of useful functions no matter which spec you are. I also have DruidFriend addon for druids (I had a paladin addon, but there was low demand for it so I haven’t maintained it).

    It should work with most languages, although translations depend on users providing them (see below).
    Here are a few of the functions:

    • Remind/alert for Elemental Shields when fading or missing in combat (with sound support)
    • Show total Windfury damage with options to include advanced info: Crits, misses and which hand the procs come from If it procced of Stormstrike, the data from both hits are summed together and adds to the damage
    • Show a message when Lightning Overload procs, optionally together with total damage and number of crits
    • Separate frame allowing for easy Earth Shield tracking and recast
    • Show buffs removed by Purge and/or broadcast it to the chat window
    • Show spell interrupted by Wind Shear and/or broadcast it to the chat window
    • Tracks shaman CC and can alert when someone breaks it
    • Show when your Grounding Totem aborbs a spell and/or broadcast it to the chat window
    • Can print messages in MSBT, SCT, Parrot and a few other places
    • Announce to your group whenever you cast Bloodlust/Heroism, Mana Tide, or Feral Spirits
    • Uses spellID when available, this reduces the amount of localization
    • Of course you can choose for yourself which functions you want. It is built on Ace3 for increased efficiency and performance, with low memory footprint.

    /sf” or “/shamanfriend” to show the GUI.

    As of release 3.4-r67 ShamanFriend uses libSharedMedia for Fonts and Sounds. Other addons that use libSharedMedia and add fonts and sounds will now be available in ShamanFriend. If you would like to add a bunch of new fonts, check out SharedMedia and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts. For additional sounds you can use SharedMediaAdditionalSounds.