Shadow Timers

  • A simple dot timer for ShadowPriests
    Keep track of ShadowWordPain,DevouringPlague,VT,ShadowOrbs

    includes VT and SWP-recast-timer:
    color red == you can cast soon
    green == best time to cast

    Syntax: /st

    to move :
    /st cm
    Use Mouse1 to move it
    /st ncm

    updated to Gameversion 5.0.5

    /st (show | hide | reset | cm | ncm)

    /st (scale1 – scale6)

    /st (hideMB|SWD|Focus|OOC|VE|All|Pet|Spike|Prio)

    /st (showMB|SWD|Focus|OOC|VE|All|Pet|Spike|Prio)


    • Tracks SWP(also on focus target)
    • Tracks VT (also on focus target)
    • Tracks DP
    • Tracks Orbs
    • Tracks VE
    • Tracks Pet
    • Tracks FDCL
    • Tracks SWD
    • Hides out of combat if wished

    Priority icon where you can see which highst two spells are ready at the moment or will be rdy soon( not 100% accurate at the moment)