Shadow Priest DoT Timer

Shadow Priest DoT Timer

Client Version: 5.0.4


  • When should I refresh my DoTs. With all the proccs I never quite knew when the right time was to refresh a DoT, namely SW:P and VT. That’s where this addon comes into play.

    Most procs give you an amount of a stat for a duration. For instance, Volcanic Potion grants a buff called Volcanic Power which gives 1200 Int for 25 seconds. Moonwell Chalice gives an amount of Mastery for 12 seconds. You get the idea. So SPDT tells you to refresh your dots with procs. 20 seconds into a fight, procs feel random with no real way to discern if a proc is a DPS upgrade. What I’ve done is use BiS scaling numbers to convert a buff to it’s Int equivalency and created what I refer to as a “buff score”. As of 1.0c all of this data is configurable in the options panel under Blizzard’s Interface-AddOns tab.

    There are two bufftables. One that the user has to fill depending on his trinkets and upgraded versions, which can be managed via the ingame menu. The other bufftable is hidden and i call it class/standard buff table.

    The class/standard buff table contains of the following buffs:

    • Heroism
    • Bloodlust
    • Time Warp
    • Ancient Hysteria
    • Potion of the Jade Serpent
    • Lifeblood
    • Synapse Spring
    • Power Infusion
    • Berserking
    • Windsong
    • Jade Spirit
    • Tempus Repit (Legendary Meta Gem Proc)
    • Twist of Fate
    • Fluidity in ToT 1.Boss
    • Primal Nutriment in ToT 6.Boss
    • Tricks of the Trade (Rogue)
    • Fearless in ToeS 4. Boss(Sha)
    • Lightweave Embroidery

    An example list for ingame bufflist could look like this:

    • Volcanic Potion is worth 1200
    • Volcanic Destruction 1600
    • Power Torrent 500
    • Moonwell Chalice (1700 * .48) or 816
    • Necromantic Focus (39 * .51) * stacks or 20 to 200
    • Combat Mind 88 Int stacks 10 times.
    • Velocity 3278 Haste

    The key is that when you cast SW:P or VT, the current buff score is copied to the top of the icon showing its cooldown. You can then use that number to figure out if refreshing a DoT would be a DPS increase or decrease. Of course, refreshing seconds before a proc wears off is always beneficial and therefore the icon will turn green. The buff score is not intended to be an accurate reflection of actual damage numbers. It’s there so that you can judge the relative difference between when you first cast a DoT and your current buff level. Higher numbers recast. Lower numbers wait until you have to refresh it. I added some more options in the latest version, so that you can define your own buffscore offset to turn green, when your current buffscore is higher than the buffscore when you applied the DoT. You can now also set if the whole icon will turn green or only the numbers above. Also everything can be hidden.

    Slash Commands
    /spdt (scale1 | scale2 | scale3 | scale4 | scale5 | scale6)
    /spdt (show | hide | reset | configmode | noconfigmode | options | clear)

    show: Show the addon.
    hide: Prevents the addon from displaying on the screen. Useful when you switch to Disc/Holy
    reset: Used to recycle the display of the addon. Can help if there’s a glitch in the display.
    configmode: Enables a frame around the addon’s visible elements so that the entire frame can be positioned.
    noconfigmode: Enables the addon for play and removes the frame created during configmode.
    scale1 – 6: Resizes the visible elements of the addon.
    options: Displays the option panel in the Blizzard Interface Option screen.
    clear: Clears the internal mob list that tracks DoTs on multiple targets.