Say Announcer

Say Announcer

Client Version: 5.0.4


Your BossMod doesn’t announce in /say something that you need, such as “Crash on me!”? Your RL asks you to change your BossMod? No more… This addon will help you =)

1. Sends in say/yell chat important phrases in the raid, such as “Corrupting Crash on me!”, if your bossmod hasn’t this option.
2. No need to update! Will work for all future contents.
3. Lightweight: only 3 Kb, doesn’t track combatlog.
4. Requirements: at least 1 PhoenixStyle addon in raid (need config).

How it works:
1. PhoenixStyle addon tracks all events (OFF by default) and sends to SayAnnouncer a phrase that must be redirected into chat, if sender has promote or has Rank1 or 2 in your guild.
2. Many features can be added in the future, because RL can choose what is needed to be announced by raiders in some clicks. If you have any suggestions – post on the forum
3. If you use PhoenixStyle addon – you don’t need this addon, just enable SayAnnouncer module, you will announce phrases without promote too.