RC Loot Council

RC Loot Council

Client Version: 5.0.4


Full Loot Council automatization
Automatically starts a loot session when the Master Looter starts looting something and shows the interface for councilmembers and lootframe for other raiders

Fully implemented loot frame
No need to link your items, RCLootCouncil comes with an automatic system for looting, just like group loot in dungeons or LFR (but it still supports it, just in case someone forgot to install the addon).

Customizeable council
You decide who’s council, wether based on guild rank or custom added members, all with a nice and simple interface.

Automated display
Whenever someone in the council votes RCLootCouncil updates across the raid to reflect the changes.

Automated loot distribution
The Master Looter can simply click the award button to give the item to a given player (followed by a confirmation box for security).

The Master Looter decides which and how many buttons to display, as well as the corresponding text and response text and color to display for the council. There’s alot of other customizeable options for those who wants specific settings for their group. You can even change the look of the frames.

Easy to use
Ready to use out-of-the-box, you really don’t have to do anything to get started.
Built-in item history
You can track every awarded item and the related statistics if you want to, and export it when you need it!

If the packaged solution doesn’t fit your needs there’s a lot of different options in the Options menu to play with, and new possibilities is just a request away.

If your class can’t equip an item, simply enable auto passing and you won’t have to bother rolling on that item.
From v2.1 the Master Looter can specify a timeout on all loot rolls.

Have every raid member install RCLootCouncil and the addon will handle the rest. In case someone in your raid haven’t installed the addon (not recommended) just tell them to whisper their item(s) the loot would replace to the master looter, and the addon will extract as much data from it as it can. Whispers is enabled by default. See the “Whispers” section for more details.

The raid leader is prompted with a confirmation to use the addon upon entering a raid, and the addon automatically sets the loot method to master looter, finds the council and activate their addon as well. If the Master Looter haven’t set a council, he’s prompted to do so. Use “/rc council” to open the council interface.

Whenever the Master Looter starts looting, RCLootCouncil detects any items above the group’s loot threshold and promps a list showing the lootable items detected with the current settings. From here the Master Looter can click “Start” and councilmembers is prompted with a voting frame and everyone sees the looting frame. When players click their reply (default is “Mainspec/Need”, “Offspec/Greed”, “Minor Upgrade” and “Pass”) the council interface shows the responses, and council members can start voting. When the council has agreed, the Master Looter simply rightclick a given player from the list, click award and the item is awarded. The rightclick menu also shows a number of different options, including other reasons to award the item and reannounce the item(s).

RCLootCouncil is ready to use right away, however there’s a range of options available to those that wishes. From v2.0.0 all non Master Looter options is shown in the default options page (/rc config) while all Master Looter options are found when expanding RCLootCouncil to the left of the frame. The Master Looter options is applied to everyone in the raid, and only the current Master Looters options is used at any given time.

prefix: /rc or /rclc

config or c – opens the options menu.
open – opens the voting frame.
council – displays the council options.
version or ver – opens the version frame, good for testing whom has the addon installed.
history or his – opens the loot history.
whisper – shows a brief guide to how the whispers work.
reset – resets the addon’s frames’ positions.
test (#) – starts the addon in test mode. Add number to test with a specific amount of items.
add (item) – when ML, use this command followed by an item to add it to the session frame.
award – when ML, use this to start a session with all items flagged as “Award Later”.
winners – when ML, use this to see a list of winners of items in your bags.

This feature has been included as of popular request. Raiders without the addon installed can whisper the Master Looter to get added to the consideration list. It’s still preferred to install the addon, as it gives full functionality.

Syntax: session response item1 item2
Session is required, and matches the session provided if the Master Looter has turned on “Announce Consideration”. Response is optional. If provided it’ll be matched to the Master Looter’s keyword list, which again matches a given response. You can whisper “rchelp” to the ML to see this list. Defaults to the first response (Mainspec/need) if not provided. At least one item must be provided to be added. This item should be the one currently equipped so the council can make a decision. Simply shift-click your item to add it to the message.

/w Potdisc 2 [item]
If Potdisc is the Master Looter, you would be added in the second session with the reponse “MainSpec/Need” with your [item].

/w Potdisc 1 os [item1][item2]
If Potdisc is the Master Looter, this adds you to the first session with the response Offspec/greed and shows both your requipped items.

The keywords can be edited in the “Buttons and Responses” tab in the options menu. Once the addon is enabled, i.e. when in a group, players can whisper “rchelp” to the Master Looter to receive the list of keywords.