Mist Weaver

Mist Weaver

Client Version: 5.0.4


  • MistWeaver is a very special healer addon for the monk.

    HOW TO

    • button mappings are described in the button tooltips
    • press [ctrl] + [alt] and hover the unit frames for detailed tooltips
    • clicks on health bar or renewing mist bar will cast different spells!


    • cast depends on the bar of the unit frame (see tooltips):
      • click on the health bar: Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Sheilun’s Gift, Lvl 15 talent, Lvl 60 talent, live cocoon
      • click on the renewing mist bar: Vivify and Renewing Mist (and PvP Soothing Mist)

    Move the Addon Frame

    • [ctrl] +right-click and move the info button to move the whole frame
    • [ctrl] +right-click and move the title of the target or focus frame to move this frame

    Main Features

    • up to 40 unit frames
    • checks distance, afk, disconnected
    • simply click on the unit frames to cast spells
    • simply check the amount of available mana and chi
    • all cooldowns and resources at a glance
    • sort unit frame by id, group or name
    • config dialog
    • save/load profiles


    • UnitFrames: click on the unit frames to cast spells
    • Target: heal your target
    • Focus: heal your focus target
    • Info-Button: Move the Addon-Frame, toggle some settings
    • Mana-Bar: amount of available mana, click to use mana tea
    • ActionButtons: cast spells, show cooldowns


    • health bar (with health prediction): cast spells
    • power bar
    • aggro bar
    • renewing mist bar
    • essence font bar
    • enveloping mist bar

    Chat commands
    use /mw or /mistweaver

    • /mw width #: unit frame width (50 – 200)
    • /mw height #: unit frame height (40 – 100)
    • /mw colortype health: use health color for health bar
    • /mw colortype class: use class color for health bar
    • /mw sorttype id: reorder raid unit frames by raid id
    • /mw sorttype group: reorder raid unit frames by group
    • /mw sorttype name: reorder raid unit frames by name
    • /mw stat <channel> <name>: list some statistics in the chat window
      • channel and name are optional
      • use chat channels like e.g. p, ra, s or w (all chat channels should work)
      • channel ‘w’ (whisper) requires a name (player to whisper with)* /mw on: enable MistWeaver

    /mw off: disable MistWeaver