Halo Pro

Halo Pro

Client Version: 5.0.4


HaloPro monitors all three level 90 talents – Always land max Cascades, always be in range for dbl hitting Divine Stars, and ofc be Pro at Halo

The level 90 talent Halo, offers all priests a very unique, fun ability, but one that is sometimes difficult during an encounter to reliably maximize to its full potential. Halo does the most healing and damage when cast at 25 yards to the target. This can often be a tough thing to judge.

HaloPro creates a customizable bar that can be sized and positioned anywhere in your UI. As you move closer or farther away from a tracked unit the bar’s texture changes to let you know whether you need to move in or away to get in proper range (25 yards). This ensures you can accurately cast and time your use of Halo.

HaloPro now also has a built in WeakAuras mode in case you prefer weak aura style of monitoring over the custom textures.

HaloPro also goes further and monitors the other lvl 90 talents as well, to ensure you are maxing your healing or damage from Cascade, and know you are never out of range for Divine Star to hit twice.

Slash Commands
/hp or /halopro

  • default‘ – unlocks and resets bar position and size
  • lock‘ – locks down to the bar so it can’t be moved or resized
  • unlock‘ – unlocks the bar so it can be moved or resized