Client Version: 5.0.4


Auras: With filtering options
Class Icon: new display modes: by spec, role and portraits
Cast Bar: now shows which spells can’t be interrupted
DR Tracker: track the diminishing returns timers on both the enemy team and your team. Now lets you select which icon you want displayed for every category!
Health Bar: now displays incoming heals and absorbs
Tags: configure every text to show exactly what you want, now with more built-in tags and improved performance

How do I bring the user interface up ?

  • You can use the /gex slash command, or you can access the options from the addons tab in the interface panel.

Where did the trinket and the dispels modules go ?

  • They have been replaced by the cooldowns module, which now allows you to have several groups of cooldowns configured independently. By default, the trinket cooldown is shown in group 2 and a few other cooldowns in group 1.

What is that additional set of frames that I see ?

  • Those are the party frames. This is incremental functionality that will help you track not only your enemies but also your friends. If you use your own you can turn these easily off in the general settings. You can also disable only your own frame, but keep the GladiusEx party frames.

Is it possible to have text timers for the auras, cooldowns or the DR icons ?

  • The timer module has been removed, but this can be achieved with OmniCC or other similar addons.