Gladius WoD

Gladius WoD

Client Version: 5.0.4


Gladius WoD is a Gladius replacement addon;
Unit frames to display important information about your enemies in arena.
Type /gladius to being up the settings UI.
Type /gladius test1-5 to display test frames.

Display diminishing returns on spells:

  • Display diminishing return timers on all CC types

Track enemy dispel cooldowns:

  • Show dispell cooldowns on your enemies to avoid having important buffs dispelled

Track enemy PvP trinket cooldowns:

  • Know when you can CC freely


  • Change textures, sizes, orientation and placement of all elements


  • allowing features to be disabled completely or have their settings changed individually

Important aura/buff display:

  • Display auras/buffs/debuffs of your choosing, ie: cooldowns, common dots and overlappable CC

Cast bars:

  • showing what your enemies are casting at all times

Target of arena 1/2/3/4/5:

  • Showing your enemies targets at all times

Click actions with macros:

  • Set up macros for spells on your specific target

Chat announcements:

  • Announce important events to your teammates

Enemy talent specializations:

  • Show your enemies talent specs so you know what to expect