Diminishing Returns

Diminishing Returns

Client Version: 5.0.4


Diminishing Returns (DR) helps tracking your teammate and own diminishing returns on hostile players by attaching icons to unit frames.

display running diminishing returns as icons, showing the diminishing status and remaining time,
uses DR category database from DRData-1.0,
select which categories to show or enable the learning option so they are detected automatically,
(new in v1.1-beta-3) can track diminishing returns on group members,
main options and icon layout options are available using /dimret and in the addon tab of interface options,
test mode available using /drtest.
LibDualSpec-1.0 for per-spec profiles,
AddonLoader support to reduce logon time,
(new in v1.1-beta-3) ButtonFacade support.

Supported unit frames
Blizzard target, focus and arena enemy frames,
Nameplates, using LibNameplateRegistry-1.0,
Shadowed Unit Frames: target, focus and arena frames (ShadowedUF_Arena is no longer supported),
Gladius. 2.0.x (arena unit frames),
X-Perl UnitFrames: target, focus, party and arena.
Z-Perl UnitFrames: target, focus, party and arena.
oUF: target, focus, party and arena.
Stellar UF: target and focus.
oUF_Adirelle: target and focus.
(untested) PitBull Unit Frames 4.0: target and focus.
(untested) ag UnitFrames: target and focus.
The icon layout for each frame is configurable using the “frame layout” entry in interface options.

To help understanding what is happening, you can use the /drsupport chat command, it will list all supported addon and their current state. DiminishingReturns relies on Blizzard API so if an addon is listed as “not installed”, this is because WoW itself has not found it.

Possible states:

  • supported: a fully-supported version of the addon has been loaded.
  • unsupported: an unsupported version of the addon has been loaded; DiminishingReturns ignores it.
  • unknown: the addon has been loaded but DiminishingReturns has not recognized its version; it may or may not work.
  • error: the addon has been loaded but an error occured in DiminishingReturns support code. Please report it.
  • to be loaded: the addon is installed but not loaded yet.
  • cannot be loaded: the addon is installed but the game client could not load it for some reason.
  • not installed: the addon has not be detected by the game client.