Data Store

Data Store

Client Version: 5.0.4


DataStore is the main component of a series of addons that serve as data repositories in game. Their respective purpose is to offer scanning and storing services to other addons.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • data is scanned only once for all client addons (performance gain).
  • data is stored only once for all client addons (memory gain).
  • addon authors can spend more time coding higher level features.
  • each module is an independant addon, and therefore has its own SavedVariables file, meaning that you could clean _Crafts without disturbing _Containers.

Existing modules
DataStore_Achievements : Achievements
DataStore_Auctions : Auctions & Bids
DataStore_Characters : Base information about your characters
DataStore_Containers : Bags, Bank and Guild Banks
DataStore_Crafts : Tradeskills & Recipes
DataStore_Currencies : Currencies
DataStore_Inventory : Equipment
DataStore_Mails : Mails
DataStore_Quests : Quest log
DataStore_Reputations : Reputations
DataStore_Spells : Spells
DataStore_Stats : Character Statistics
DataStore_Talents : Talent trees & Glyphs

Each module will exist as a separate addon, so that authors can package only the ones they want with their own project.

All mentioned addons are available in this private post!!