Cooldown Count

Cooldown Count

Client Version: 5.0.4


CooldownCount gives a visual number that counts down as your spell/ability cools down.

The number will flash as the cooldown reaches a certain number.

Note that only cooldowns that exceed a certain number of seconds will be presented (to prevent mass spamming of cooldowns when the global cooldown is activated). 

Slash Commands
/cooldowncount <command> [parameters]
Control the CooldownCount addon. 

Optionally dependent on Cosmos.

Will work with AllInOneInventory, SecondBar, PopBar, SideBar.
Should work with AutoBar, AutoTrinketBar, BarOptions, BibToolbars, BottomBar, CT_BarMod, Discord, FlexBar, GBars, Gypsy, Nurfed and TrinketMenu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SideBar that it works with is the Cosmos SideBar, not Telo’s SideBar. Sorry about this.

IMPORTANT NOTE2: To save precious CPU time and memory, I have bundled most parts of CooldownCount into one AddOn per “bar” or “package”. This is why you will probably see a lot of “Dependency missing” in your AddOn configuration window on your Character Screen. This is completely normal – few people have ALL the bar addons that CooldownCount supports.