Chat MOD

Chat MOD

Client Version: 5.0.4


ChatMOD is a universal Chat Enhancement.
Original this was called “Sol’s Color chat Nicks – SCCN” but after many people told me that they hardly find this mod I decided to rename it to it’s actual purpose.

So What can ChatMOD do for me ?
ChatMOD provides many features which makes chatting / communication InGame much easier. To grab some examples: It color the nicknames of chat participants in their class color, stores this information in a database, provide modificaton of the chatframe like mouse scrolling, button hiding, chat editbox movement, channel name striping, channel name shortening, text highlighting, sound notifications, and many many more.


  • Color the chatters nicknames in their class color
  • Option to hide Channel names ([Guild] [Party]) from chat
    • Optinally shorten the Channel names [Guild]=[G]


  • Mousewheel scrolling in chat window
    • Mousewheel jumps to top / bottom
    • Mousewheel scrolls 5 lines up/down


  • Option to relocate Chateditbox to top of the chatframe
  • Clickable Hyperlinks, ready for Copy & Paste (URL, IP, TS2, Emails)
  • Colors raidmember’s map pin’s in their class color on Map
    • Colors raidmember’s map pin’s in their class color on BG Minimap


  • Fully customizable Timestamps with HTML color codes
    • Option to Highlight own nickname in chat messages
    • specify up to three custom highlight words
    • bring highlighted sentences on centered Screen


  • Whisper Target Function. Whispers your current target (/wt)
  • Keybindings for /say /raid /g /party /yell /6 /7 /8 /o /wt
  • Option to hide Chat Buttons
  • makes invite calls in chat clickable [invite] (invites on click)
  • Option to increase the Editbox scrollback (history) buffer
  • Option to use arrowkeys without pressing in chat editbox
  • Auto Skip Gossip Pages at NPC’s
    • This can temporary disabled by holding key while talking to a NPC or switch it off in menue


  • Auto Dismount on Flightmaster (Taxi)
  • Chat notifications by sound

For details see the README.html in the ChatMOD Addon directory.
InGame Slash Commands ?
type /chatmod for GUI or “/chatmod help” for General Help